10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

    Coming up on Home and Away, Xander struggles with his guilt over Jamie’s death, while Rose and Mali decide to call time on their romantic relationship.

    Elsewhere, Justin prepares to learn his fate after a dramatic court hearing, and Mac makes a heartbreaking decision about her future with Gabe.

    Here’s a full run down of 10 big moments coming up.

    Xander grieves for Jamie

    When Xander awakens from his anesthesia, he remembers that the thugs who ambushed their ambulance killed Jamie. Xander is shocked to learn of the passing of his coworker, and soon after, survivor’s remorse sets in.

    Focusing on his rehabilitation simply makes things worse because Xander finds it difficult to realize Jamie passed away while he lived. He also starts having terrifying nightmares about that critical day.

    When Xander discovers that Jamie is going to have a burial later in the week, his guilt intensifies, and he begs Rose to find out more information. She wants to help, but she hesitates because she thinks Xander is too weak to go.

    Rose and Mali go their separate ways

    Following their breakup, tensions between Rose and Mali are at an all-time high. Mali is certain that ending their relationship was the correct move, but it is obvious that he is miserable without Rose.

    Irene advises the two to try to work things out, but their chat results in yet another argument. Rose and Mali are still at odds; she believes they make a fine team, while he believes they were never meant to be together.

    The former lovers ultimately decide it’s best for them to part ways.

    Justin’s feeling the strain

    Justin is making an effort to organize his affairs before his court appearance because he worries that his days of freedom may be numbered.

    He already has a lot on his plate, so when Theo leaves his apprenticeship at the garage, he is happy to have one less thing to worry about.

    Theo worries that Justin appears to be accepting defeat, and Alf worries that the mechanic isn’t coping with the weight of his upcoming case.

    There’s drama at Justin’s hearing

    Theo feels ill to his stomach with anxiety as the hearing day approaches since he knows Justin’s defense depends on his evidence regarding Ava.

    Theo later emerges from the space in a fog and claims that the ruthless prosecution coerced him into supporting their claim that Ava had a habit of dishonesty.

    Leah’s heart drops, but Justin isn’t about to give up without a fight and says he’ll be the one to testify.

    Just when Justin’s case appears to be lost, Alf offers to testify as a character witness despite the fact that his attorney is adamantly opposed to the concept.

    Justin learns his fate

    Leah, who worries that Justin might receive a term of months—or worse, years—in prison, is comforted by Theo’s presence.

    They say they will face whatever the future brings together as they head to bed for what may be their final night together. Justin cradles a distraught Leah in his arms.

    The verdict is in, the court calls Justin the following morning to let him know. Will he spend the rest of the day in jail?

     Mac returns to the Bay

    Felicity is trying to hold the fort at Salt following Mackenzie’s disappearance, but runs into trouble when she learns the restaurant’s liquor license is about to expire.

    Meanwhile, Mali is shocked to find Mackenzie hiding out at her house. Mac tells Mali she left the Bay in search of Gabe, but wasn’t able to find him.

    After plucking up the courage to face her friends, Mac goes to see Felicity, who reveals she got married to Tane. Felicity’s happy news is a further reminder for Mac of how completely alone she is.

    Mac cuts ties with Gabe

    Felicity is perplexed by Mac’s dejected response to her wedding and begins to worry that Gabe has suffered a tragic accident.

    Tane finds a sad Mac sitting among the fragments of Gabe’s torn-up letter in another location. She admits that Gabe broke up with them, but she won’t let Tane feel sorry for her.

    John offers Mac a shoulder to cry on after learning of her difficulties. Finally, Mac expresses her deepest worry, which is that Gabe has given up on chemo and will pass away alone.

    John emphasizes that Gabe must make the choice, and after realizing that he is correct, Mac sends a farewell message on Gabe’s voicemail.

     Three’s a crowd for Eden, Remi and Cash

    When Remi starts vying for Cash’s best friend’s attention, Eden and Cash’s blissful union is shattered. Cash, who is jealous of Eden, finds Eden giggling on Remi’s lap, which annoys him because of their closeness.

    Eden asks Remi to apologize to Cash for going too far because she wants the two men in her life to get along.

    Unfortunately, the apology is not well received, and Cash makes it obvious that he wants Remi and his girlfriend to act less affectionately.

    Eden promises Cash that she will set some limits with Remi since she doesn’t want any more trouble. She explains that their friendship is essential to her and that she will never give it up.

     Bree gets jealous

    Meanwhile, Remi and Bree are taking things slowly despite the sizzling chemistry between them. They end up in a passionate clinch, but Bree pulls away, not ready for physical intimacy.

    Remi is respectful of Bree’s wishes for more time, but she worries his head will be turned when she sees him busking to a crowd of adoring female fans.

    Marilyn’s under pressure

    Marilyn is putting all her energies into being a brand ambassador for Stunning Organics, hoping she can make enough to fund half of Jett’s wedding. John tries to ease the pressure by insisting he’s happy to pay for it himself, but Marilyn’s pride won’t allow him to.

    The exes agree to split the cost of Jett’s big day, but then disaster strikes when Marilyn discovers Stunning Organics have sent her way more boxes of product than she ordered and won’t accept them back.

    With just a week to shift all the stock before the next shipment arrives, stressed Marilyn converts a corner of the Diner into a skincare stall and ropes Kirby in to help.

    The pair go all out to secure sales, even offering a free coffee with every skincare purchase. Will Marilyn pull it off?

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