Nikau starts a new career, Tane fears the worst over Ziggy, and Justin hides the truth from Leah.

Spoilers from Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away follow, which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

Nikau and Bella had some lucrative career opportunities this week on Home and Away in Australia, but it wasn’t all good news for the Paratas, as Tane’s relationship with Ziggy hit another stumbling block.

Elsewhere, Lewis was sentenced for his crimes, and Justin continued to become reliant on painkillers.

Here are six big questions we’ve been left with after the latest Australian episodes.

Will Nikau and Bella be torn apart?

This week, Nikau and Bella both landed exciting new jobs in the city. Nikau was given the opportunity to join a modeling agency, and after an initial photoshoot for his portfolio, he was booked for his first official job just hours later.

The agency was so eager to get Nikau on board that it offered him a bribe: Bella would be mentored by renowned photographer Emmett Ellison as part of the deal.

Nikau and Bella ended the week by toasting their mutual success with champagne from the agency, but it’s no secret that storm clouds are forming for their relationship in the long run.

The official promo for this storyline (which can be found at the top of the page) shows Bella becoming envious in upcoming episodes, as Nikau’s new job requires him to get up close and personal with a female model on multiple occasions.

Could the difficulties of this tricky situation tear their relationship apart?

Has Amber planted a seed of doubt in Tane’s mind?

Amber had reason to doubt Dean’s commitment to her recently when she expressed her love for him and he failed to respond in the way she expected. Amber was left feeling like she’d always come in second place to Dean’s ex-girlfriend Ziggy as a result of the upsetting incident.

Dean and Ziggy competed in Summer Bay’s big surf competition this week, and they looked incredibly close as they both won. Amber made a remark about their obvious connection to Tane, which made him question his relationship with Ziggy.

Tane then proceeded to ask Ziggy some awkward questions about why she had broken up with Dean in the first place. Ziggy declined to provide many details about Ross Nixon’s murder because he couldn’t reveal the full story or who else was involved.

Tane appeared to accept Ziggy’s decision in the short-term, but could Amber have now planted a seed of doubt in his mind which causes problems further on down the line?

How will Christian move on from Lewis’s crimes?

Following Lewis’ reign of terror at the hospital, his victims had a big week. As he prepared to be sentenced for his crimes, Lewis admitted to murdering three patients in order to frame Christian for negligence.

Christian was eager to get on with his life after the incident, preferring to remain positive rather than seek vengeance against a clearly ill man. The top of his priority list was to move his wedding to Tori forward by four weeks.

Despite this, Christian has clearly had a lot on his mind since Lewis almost killed him during a terrifying showdown at the hospital. Christian told Tori that he remembers everything that happened during the fight for his life, even when he was clinically dead for a few minutes.

A skeptical Tori was quick to point out that an out-of-body experience wasn’t medically possible in the circumstances, but Christian stuck to his guns. For the first time, he seemed interested in a spiritual explanation, rather than a purely scientific one.

Could this experience ultimately give Christian a new outlook on life?

 Does Jasmine have more heartbreak ahead?

Jasmine went to Lewis’s sentencing to show her support, but she was taken aback by how ill he appeared. She was also annoyed that he did not look at her throughout the hearing.

After hearing about Christian’s experiences, Jasmine was also looking for spiritual guidance. When Marilyn agreed to give her a tarot card reading, she was ecstatic, but her joy was short-lived when the first card out of the deck was a traumatic one.

Jasmine immediately fled from the reading rather than hear any more details. Could the writers be foreshadowing yet more trouble ahead for Jasmine? Surely she deserves a break.

Can Ryder make amends with Mac?

Ryder recently quit his job at Salt in protest of his girlfriend Chloe being unfairly fired. As the restaurant was already overstretched, Mac immediately fell into problems with two employees now off the books.

Ryder and Chloe decided to embrace their freedom, spending their days on the beach and having fun rather than looking for new work. Mac did send Ryder a text wanting to discuss his future, which he chose to ignore in the short term. But as the reality of unemployment hits, could he have to swallow his pride and work for Mac again?

Is Leah getting closer to the truth?

Leah spent the first few days of the week solely focused on finding Susie, but as the week progressed, she realized that her partner Justin might be the real cause for concern.

As he struggles with his ongoing back problems, Justin has been overmedicating. Leah first noticed the problem when she discovered him in a bad way at home after an overdose, but she now believes it was an accident rather than a larger problem.

Justin felt humiliated when he went to the doctor with Leah and she revealed how much medication he’d been taking – something he’d prefer to keep hidden.

Leah pointed out that Justin should have nothing to hide as he didn’t take too many pills on purpose, unaware that the opposite is true. Justin tried his best to cover, but will it become harder for him to keep the truth from Leah in the coming weeks?





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