Behind-the scenes footage of confronting Home and Away moment with actor Kyle Shilling stuns fans

    The actor involved in the dramatic scenes has spoken out about the ‘full-on’ experience.

    Ever ponder how the bomb explosion episode of Home and Away was captured on camera?

    Fans of the show were astounded to witness behind-the-scenes footage after finding it “so interesting to see how it all comes together.”

    Actor Kyle Shilling, who plays Mali, is seen warming up on set before the stunt in the video.

    Gym mats were placed along a vacant road and a huge blue screen was utilized to simulate the explosion.

    Shilling was later seen in the video falling backward off a trampoline and landing on a set of matting to simulate the character being hit by the bomb.

    A car was also blown up on a deserted street to depict the car bomb going off.

    Fans took to the comments to react to the exciting footage.

    “This is awesome to see behind the scenes and how it all works! Thanks for sharing,” a user wrote.

    “Oh this so so cool! A great way of showing it,” a second said.

    One person wrote, “So interesting to see how it all comes together behind the scenes!”

    Shilling previously referred to the filming day as “hands-down the most full-on day I’ve ever had when it comes to filming” in his remarks.

    “I’m lucky I was surrounded by such an amazing crew and an awesome director,” he said to 7Life.

    The actor expressed his excitement that his character confronted the danger “head-on” and braved the circumstance.

    “It really shows the character’s love for his friends,” he said.

    “Having the opportunity as an actor to execute a performance like this is a dream come true.”

    The actor laughed as he added: “More stunt work equals a happy Kyle.”

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