So, what does the future hold for the two newest couples in Summer Bay? The show’s producers are being tight-lipped about upcoming plots as usual, and we can’t really trust promos to tell us the facts. But how much do we really know?

Though Ziggy seemed adamant when she told Dean they had no future together, it’s become obvious that she still harbored feelings for him, and that they would almost certainly still be together if it weren’t for his role in Ross’s murder.

But she seems to be content in her new relationship with the younger Parata brother, so why would either of them put that in jeopardy?

In recent fan images taken on Palm Beach (the real-life home of Summer Bay), Sophie Dillman and Ethan Browne appear to be filming together as a couple, implying that we have several months of Ziggy and Dean ahead of us. Fans of Tiggy/Zane will rejoice, but Ziggy fans will be disappointed.

However, paparazzi pictures from the beach earlier this month show Ethan Browne filming an intimate scene with newcomer Jacqui Purvis, in which the two held each other close and wrapped their arms around each other while wearing only swimwear.

Jacqui previously starred as Melissa Lohan in Neighbours, where she played Chloe Brennan’s ex-girlfriend for 18 episodes in 2018. It’s unclear how long she intends to stay in Summer Bay, but she’ll undoubtedly make an impression on Tane.

There’s no sign of a Tane and Ziggy split on the horizon, as episodes of Home and Away are shot about six months before they air… and a single collection of images from a single scene doesn’t necessarily imply that Tane has rekindled his romance… However, Tane’s and the enigmatic new character’s snaps don’t seem to indicate that he and Ziggy have a bright future ahead of them.

Will a Tane/Ziggy breakup leave the path clear for a Ziggy/Dean reunion?


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