Fans of EastEnders were split after tonight’s dramatic show, which saw Lucas Johnson leaving the BBC soap for the second time.

After just a few months back on Albert Square, the serial killer (played by Don Gilet) abruptly left to return to his life behind bars.

He said farewell to his daughter Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) as he was about to return to prison in tonight’s episode (March 18).

Caleb and his drug deals were turned over to the cops by Lucas in an effort to save his daughter’s life from going down a bad direction.

As a result, he’ll be returning to prison and leaving EastEnders.

Some soap fans were enraged by Lucas’ departure, as they had hoped he would remain on for longer, creating even more confusion.

According to one person: “What was the point of getting Lucas back for a three-month stint if that was his exit?! Was hoping he’d persuade people that he’d improved and they’d go back to his old ways. What a travesty and a squandering of a classic villain.”

Someone else seemed to be disappointed that Lucas was leaving: “That was a great speech. I’ve always liked him, but his portrayal of him was special. We rarely saw him, but he should have stayed in the show a lot longer. I don’t understand why good actors often quit.”


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