“I would do a cameo for the fans for sure.”

She may have made it big in America, but former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok hasn’t forgotten her roots and says she’s not against returning to Summer Bay!

Tammin, who played Dani Sutherland on the iconic Australian soap, told New Idea exclusively that she’d return if the opportunity arose.

“I would definitely do a cameo for the fans,” the 37-year-old actress says.

“It’s where I started and where I’ve gotten everything in my career – I’m not sure where my life would’ve gone if it hadn’t been for that show. I’m grateful for the experience and the opportunity, so I’d gladly make a cameo appearance.”

However, don’t expect Dani to permanently return to the Bay.

“I don’t think I’d go back and replay that character for a long time because I believe her story has been told and that character has been completed, and I enjoy exploring new possibilities. However, if I were to return, I would definitely give a kiss to all of my fans.”

“I’m very grateful for the experience and the opportunity and so I would definitely do a cameo.”

Tammin first appeared on Home and Away when she was 15 years old, and she starred on the show from 2000 to 2004.

Though she is no longer in contact with her former co-stars, she fondly recalls meeting some of them, including Kimberley Cooper, Dan Collopy, Bec Hewitt (nee Cartwright), Chris Egan, and even a certain Thor star, who have all broken America.

“I saw Chris Hemsworth years ago at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles and we chatted. When you’re in that experience together it’s like family and you never forget your family,” she says.

“When your life changes dramatically for the first time, you always remember the people with whom it changed. Chris Hemsworth is an A-list celebrity, but he’s always remembered the people he’s worked with from the start because your lives change together.”

The former Home and Away star played Dani Sutherland from 2000-2004.

Tammin and her husband, Sean McEwan, now live in the United States with their children Phoenix, seven, and Lennon, two, but Tammin hasn’t seen her parents in Sydney in almost two years due to the coronavirus.

“I think if you let your mind go down that rabbit hole you can get really depressed about it,” the mum-of-two admits when asked if she misses Australia.

“‘I’m one of many people who aren’t seeing their family right now to know, and this is a moment in time that no one expected or prepared for, and it’s never happened to us before in our lifetime,’ I try to think. Knowing that there is an end to this pandemic, that people are getting vaccinated in the United States, and that cases are decreasing, I know that it will eventually be over, and we will be able to see them, so I’m just hoping we get there sooner.”

Tammin and husband Sean, along with their kids Phoenix and Lennon, are based in the US.

Despite the challenges of being in and out of lockdown for 14 months, Tammin, who recently became the global ambassador for Edible Beauty has said that she’s enjoyed family time.

With Mother’s Day approaching, the actress says the day will be a low-key affair.

“These are the kinds of holidays that my children adore. They’ll try to cook me something or give me an Edible Beauty face mask, but more than likely, we’ll have a picnic where the kids can play outside while we drink wine. I believe you will still be a mother on Mother’s Day, so it will be something casual like that. I’m looking forward to being completely pampered and visiting a spa next year, but not this year.”

“Sleep, water, nutrition, affirmations are all wonderful things – but also what you put on your body matters to your overall health.”

Health-wise, Tammin says it’s both and external and internal thing for her.

“Sleep, water, nutrition, and affirmations are all beneficial, but what you put on your body has a significant impact on your overall health. I came across this amazing Australian-founded brand called Edible Beauty. Their products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the tone and texture of my skin, as well as how their products make me feel. I’m aware that I’m practicing self-care, which benefits my overall mental health.”


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