Former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo’s girlfriend shares moving update

    Tahnee Sims has shared a heartwarming new photo as Ruffo battles cancer.

    In a touching Instagram post, Johnny Ruffo’s fiancée Tahnee Sims provided an update on his cancer treatment. Johnny Ruffo was a former star of Home and Away.

    Sims published a black and white snapshot of the couple on the social media site on Thursday.

    Ruffo is positioned on a hospital bed behind Sims, who is in the background shooting the selfie.

    Ruffo, who is battling stage 4 cancer, is beaming broadly and giving the camera a thumbs up.

    In the picture, he appears upbeat and exudes his characteristic optimism.

    Sims added three purple love heart emojis to the photo’s text and tagged Ruffo in the post.

    It’s the most latest information on Ruffo’s condition since he wrote a Mother’s Day tribute to his mother Jill.

    Ruffo wrote: “Happy Mothers Day, sometimes I take for granted the things you do, but just know how much I love and appreciate you, you mean the world to me xx” beside a photo of his mother holding a sizable bouquet of flowers.

    Another photo shows Sims, Ruffo and his mum enjoying lunch together.

    Home and Away actress Lynne McGranger and The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies contributed heart and flower emojis in their comments on his Mother’s Day post.

    One supporter said, “Beautiful photos and enjoy this beautiful day with your mom and Tahnee.”

    Beautiful, sincere words! Another person wrote, “”

    Ruffo uploaded a snapshot of himself posing with what appeared to be a delectable birthday dessert on March 8 in honor of his 35th birthday.

    The former X Factor star celebrated his birthday in style, having lunch at Nobu in Crown Sydney with his nearest and dearest.

    “35 and sure feeling it!!!,” he wrote.

    “Grateful for another lap around the sun.

    “Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes.”

    Sims had her own message for Ruffo on his birthday, sharing an adorable video of some of their special moments together.

    “❣️Happy Birthday J!!” the video was captioned.

    “Thankyou for all the amazing memories babe xx,” Ruffo responded.

    Ruffo acknowledged last year that his brain cancer was fatal, but he said that he was dedicated to fighting it as valiantly as possible and to living life to the fullest.

    Although he acknowledged that the cancer was terminal, he remarked, “I’m going to do everything I can — and I already am — to kick this thing’s a**.”

    Ruffo has previously been open about the love and care Sims gave him while he was receiving cancer treatment.

    He once referred to Sims as his “guardian angel,” telling 7Entertainment that if it weren’t for his girlfriend, “she’s been there for me several times where it’s been touch and go,” he “literally would not be here.”

    Sims has been with Ruffo since his first brain cancer diagnosis in 2017.

    The singer said it was actually Sims who urged him to get checked out when he complained of a crushing headache, suggesting he go to hospital for tests.

    “The surgeon said, ‘If you had not come in to have the MRI, we wouldn’t have found the tumour. You wouldn’t have woken up the next morning’,” Ruffo said.

    Ruffo said Sims’ support was liking having “a weight off your shoulders”.

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