Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok in a ‘flood of tears’ over emotional news

    The Australian actress admitted in a heartfelt message that she does not ‘know what to do’ following the news.

    The passing of Charlie, the cherished family dog, has been reported by Tammin Sursok.

    The former Home and Away actress uploaded a number of pictures to Instagram with the message, “A flood of tears.”

    “Today, I lost one of my closest friends. Charlie, my gorgeous cocker spaniel,” she wrote in an Instagram photo on Saturday.

    “As I write this, I’m crying a lot. Why is it so difficult?

    Without you, Charlie, I don’t know what to do. You were the best dog we’ve ever owned, and you showed us an unbelievable amount of love.

    “We are not worthy of dogs. Their motivation for existing is to love us.

    The Australian actress claimed she realized Charlie had given the “it’s time” signal and that realizing it was “selfish keeping you earth-side” was her realization.

    It’s now time. I adore you with all of my heart. I appreciate our incredible 15 years together. “Goodbye my baby #dogs #cockerspaniel,” she wrote as she concluded her post.

    Sursok appeared to be bidding her final farewell in one of the photos in the sequence, and she was seen crying in another.

    Eight more images from Charlie’s life were provided by the mother-of-two, who also included her husband, Sean McEwen, and their two daughters, Phoenix, 9, and Lennon, 3.

    Soon after, admirers tried to support the actress in the comments section.

    “The only bad thing about dogs is that we never get to have them for long enough. I’m so sorry❤️🐾,” one wrote.

    “The pain of losing a dog is indescribable. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Sending you love and strength x,” said a second.

    “So so sorry love … it’s beyond heartbreaking 💔 what a lucky pup to have had you as a mum xoxoxox,” a third said.

    Another said: “I’m so sorry for this loss. I’m feeling your pain. Brings me right back to when I lost my fur baby. Much love to you.”

    Later, Sursok thanked her followers for their “beautiful messages” on Instagram Stories before confessing that she was unsure when “the heartache of losing an animal will” pass.

    She was a wonderful dog. She lived her entire life loving us, since dogs are amazing and they become like family.

    Sursok said the family was “figuring out what the next steps are when it comes to animals” – saying they were thinking of adopting a golden retriever.

    “We’ve never had a big dog but we’d probably just get one dog at the moment but the kids are really excited to think about it.”

    She added that she was “not ready” for the new dog – however, she likes the name “Peanut Butter”.

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