Home and Away actors Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor prepare to tackle heartbreaking storyline

    The Home and Away stars Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman are ready to embark on a devastating plot.

    The popular soap opera’s viewers were thrilled to see Deana and Ziggy welcoming a baby on Tuesday night, but it appears that the young couple is in for some tough times.

    A new clip posted on Instagram seems to imply Ziggy may have postpartum depression and may have trouble adjusting to parenting.

    Fans of the popular soap were excited on Tuesday night when their characters Deana and Ziggy welcomed a baby onscreen – but it seems the hard times are ahead for the young lovers 

    In one scene, Ziggy is seen staring blankly at a baby’s cot, while in another she asks Irene, played by Lynne McGranger, for some advice.

    She asks, “You really believe I can do this?” before Irene gives her a comforting hug.

    Her partner Dean looks to be looking for his wife towards the end of the trailer.

    Social media users soon flooded the video with appreciation.

    One supporter said, “I’m so thrilled they’re capturing real life scenarios with actual emotional journeys some people experience.”

    If I’m being completely honest, it is so upsetting to know that ladies go through this.

    I chose it because I believed Ziggy might be experiencing postpartum depression. Another responded, “I saw the signs.

    As a mother who herself experienced postpartum depression, another person stated, “It’s painful and difficult, but if she does have it, I’m hope it is done in a really nice way.”

    The footage was quickly inundated with praise on social media. ‘So glad they are filming real life situations with real emotional journeys certain people experience,’ one fan commented 


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