Home and Away confirms shock new accident for Mali Hudson

    Fans of Home and Away are in for a scare as suspenseful scenes that will air soon reveal surfer Mali Hudson in peril.

    For the next week’s episodes, which will run in Australia and the UK later this summer, the soap has released a brief but suspenseful video showing Mali (Kyle Shilling) heading out to catch some waves.

    Since he was involved in an explosive plot, Mali has been having eardrum problems, which could be fatal when he sets out on the ocean by himself.

    Mali became involved in Emily Symons’s (Marilyn) fight against Stunning Organics last month when she spoke out against the dubious skincare firm. Soon later, a bomb in a suspicious package addressed to her was found.

    Mali led a valiant pursuit after the bomb-carrying van, alerting the driver and passenger to flee before it exploded, but he was sent flying when it went off since he hadn’t completely cleared the area.

    On the show’s official social media accounts, a teaser trailer for what’s next was shared with the caption: “It appears like paradise, but the perils are terrible. Learn more about Monday’s events starting at 7 PM on @channel7 and @7plus.

    The serene video starts with Mali looking out to the ocean as calm music plays.

    As the clip continues, shots of the beach and Mali surfing appear as captions read: “It looks like paradise, but the dangers are deadly.”

    Going from calm and serene on the waves to shots showing him thrashing in the water distressed and the sound of heavy breathing, Mali clearly gets into some trouble.

    Many viewers of the broadcast assumed he had been attacked by a shark after seeing the teaser, but some believe the explosion’s aftereffects may have affected his surfing.

    Back to the Bay has hinted that Rose (Kirsty Marillier) may attempt to convince Mali that it is unsafe for him to surf while wearing an eardrum, but he will ignore her nevertheless.

    The platform also features some production photos of Mali putting his palm to his ear in an effort to block out the pain.

    One supporter wrote: “Don’t go to Mali. It’s Definitely a SHARK, with another person adding: “We haven’t had a shark in a while, so we’re probably due one.”

    An another inquired, “Um, perforated ear drum?? Keep away from surfing? Gotta love how fully these characters disobey medical advice.

    To learn what the true threat is, viewers must watch.

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