Home and Away Emily Weir has close bond with Shane but won’t ask him key question

    Home and Away actress Emily Weir has struck up a close bond with John Palmer star Shane Withington since joining the soap in 2019 but revealed one thing she would never ask him

    After meeting on the Channel 5 soap opera in 2019, Emily Weir and Shane Withington, who both feature in Home and Away, developed a strong friendship. However, there is something they haven’t yet discussed.

    The actress, 32, debuted as Mackenzie Booth four years ago, while Shane, 64, played John Palmer for the first time in 2009, ten years earlier.

    Emily recalled her first encounter with the veteran actor and said she was “totally fangirling” at the time.

    I was a huge fan of the program before I joined, so when I met Shane, I was really fangirling, the brunette beauty gushed to New Idea.

    Despite the fact that they first appear to have little in common, the two rapidly became good friends and now refer to one another as “besties.”

    She’s attractive, smart, talented, fun to be around, and has a maturity way beyond her years, the Australian actor gushed about his co-star. Emily concurred, saying, “I just love him to bits.”

    She continued by saying that although though Shane has been a part of the program for more than ten years, he still treats everyone equally on the set and is someone she looks up to.

    The actor said, “Shane was incredibly warm and friendly to me on that first day.

    But I soon saw that he was kind to everyone, whether they were the celebrity, the CEO, the caterer, or the cleaning. I wanted to be like him.

    While Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), Shane’s on-screen spouse, is well-known to the public, the actor has been blissfully wed to Anne Tenney, his former on-screen spouse, for more than 30 years.

    They originally became acquainted while portraying the on-screen couple Brendan and Molly Jones in the popular Australian soap opera A Country Practice from the 1980s.

    Emily acknowledged that dating is “the one thing” she hasn’t discussed with Shane, despite the fact that he is aware of all the keys to a happy relationship.

    She chuckled, “That’s the one thing I haven’t asked him about, though now I think I should!”

    She instead turns to Shane for advice on life, health and her career.

    Although they share a sweet friendship off-screen, their characters rarely have scenes together, but Shane revealed he is trying to rectify this.

    “I’m bugging the writers for John and Mackenzie to have more scenes together,” he said.

    “We recently shot a big, emotional scene and it was so beautiful and natural. That magic only happens when two people know each other really well and can be vulnerable with each other.”

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