Home and Away exit for Ava Gilbert after her big lie

    Justin asks her to leave.

    Next week on UK television, Home and Away youngster Ava Gilbert bids farewell to Summer Bay after realizing that her father Justin Morgan needs some distance.

    After learning the unsettling information that he might be receiving a prison sentence, Justin decides to concentrate on his next court battle.

    As seen in this week’s episodes of Channel 5, Justin launches an assault when Ava makes up the story that she is being taken captive by an outsider.

    To gain Theo Poulos’ attention and sympathy, Ava makes up the false narrative. The person who rushes to her “rescue” is actually Justin, who assaults the man Ava wrongly accused.

    In the aftermath the next week, Justin tells Ava that his attorney has projected he would receive a jail sentence as retribution for the savage assault. Ava feels guilty and holds herself responsible for everything that occurred.

    Justin urges Ava to return to her mother’s home because he thinks he doesn’t want her to experience the heartache of his possible conviction.

    Ava becomes irate when her father wants to send her away and refuses to go. She emphasizes that she once lost Justin when he was placed in witness protection and that she doesn’t want to lose him again.

    Ava confesses that she has always desired a close relationship with her father as she thinks back on her recent bad behavior.

    Leah Patterson, Justin’s partner, is ultimately successful in persuading Ava that her father should concentrate on his legal battle rather than her problems.

    Leah continues, saying that if Ava is there, Justin would be preoccupied with attempting to defend her.

    Finally taking a mature stance, Ava agrees to move back to her mother’s house and shares a heartfelt goodbye with her loved ones.

    It’s a difficult moment for Justin, who acknowledges that this could be his last time seeing his daughter before he goes to prison.

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