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Home and Away: Georgie Parker reveals why the sun’s out and the surf’s up in Summer Bay!

Soap star Georgie Parker talks ‘iconic’ Summer Bay Surf Festival and why Roo and the Bay’s Marilyn make such a great double act.

After last year we can all have a little cheering and Summer Bay’s residents are no different. Actress Georgie Parker spoke to whatsontv.co.uk about a future story that will make everybody happy.

Roo and Alf save the Surf Club!

After the wife, Susie McAllister performed with all the hard cash earned by the Surf Club – along with life-saving for Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan – for one of Bay’s most esteemed enterprises. things looked grim.

‘Artist’ Susie seduced John Palmer to win a long-time president of the Surf Club, Alf Stewart. But she swindled the lot and left as soon as it got access to finances!

Alf’s Roo’s daughter didn’t get the best of Susie. In an effort to collect new funds to keep the club floating, she and Alf forged the Surf Club competition.

After all, Summer Bay wouldn’t be Summer Bay without surfing!

Community vibes

“When something very tragic occurs and someone without moral compass gets involved in purifying the good nature people of the bay, the society must come together again!” Insisted Georgia.

The star revealed that shooting the Sydney’s Palm Beach episodes during Australian summer was worth a long day.

“It has been a real hectic period for us to catch up with filming during nine weeks that we usually had during our lock-down as well as shooting.

“The Carnival is so visual, you’re back in the sea, back to the beach, back to the classic Summer Bay package. “We’re all the color, you’re back in the water.

“It’s all that you have to rally and love each other.

“We feel linked in trying to solve everything, while we are separated, the universe in many ways.

“I really do think that the storyline will resonate with viewers in a helpful way.”

Marilyn fits right in with the Stewarts!

Roo and the Stewart family were occupied with life in the last months, including the dramatic arrival of the secret son of Martha Stewart Kieran and the recurrent mental illness of Martha.

However, with John’s ex, Marilyn Chambers, who was a long-term resident of the Emily Symons Summer Bay, the household has seen some lighter times too.

The story of the Surf Club also sees Marilyn as a contestant, after Roo asks her to enter in the end.

“It’s lovely having Marilyn living at Summer Bay House,” shared Georgie.

“I like the friendship between Em [Marilyn’s] and Ray [Meagher, who plays Alf], as it goes back to the beginning of Home and Away.

“Em and I are very close and we are getting on very well, and we have a ball always. Our characters are different so fantastically, so this is always a good foil.

“We always say we’re like TV characters Laverne and Shirley or Cagney and Lacey!”


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