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Home and Away is now off the air until 2021 on Channel 5 – here’s why

Without their fix of Summer Bay action on Channel 5 over the next few weeks, Home and Away fans in the UK will have to cope.

In order to take its annual festive break, the popular daytime soap has disappeared from the schedules as of today (November 23).

In the run-up to Christmas each year, Home and Away goes off the air on Channel 5 in order to maintain a gap with the Australian broadcasts.
The final UK episodes of the year aired last Thursday (November 19) on 5STAR and on Friday (November 20) on Channel 5.

This ended on a cliffhanger, as the impulsive decision to snatch his young son Jai Simmons was made by Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) after fearing he would lose access to the youngster.

The show is not expected to return until January, but until closer to the time, an official date for this will not be confirmed.

As Home and Away does not air all-year-round in Australia either, Channel 5 is forced to take an annual break.

Traditionally, it airs enough episodess to stay on Channel 5 for 46 weeks of the year, although due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even fewer episodess were screened in 2020 than usual.

The show will also take an immediate break in Australia too, with a 90-minute season finale episodes scheduled for Monday, November 30, on Channel 7.

As usual, Fellow Aussie soap Neighbours is still on air, but the lunchtime episodes has now moved to the previous 1pm time slot.

In the afternoon, Channel 5 will air festive films in the run-up to Christmas, while repeats of Friends have taken over Home and Away’s 6 pm slot.


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