Home and Away reveals final outcome of Tane and Felicity storyline

    A happy ending?

    Tane Parata and Felicity Newman will have another chance to get married, according to Home and Away.

    This year, as Felicity and her maid of honor Eden Fowler were caught in a terrible vehicle accident on their way to the wedding, the couple’s first wedding day spiraled into pandemonium.

    The violent biker gang of Tex Wheeler, who was attempting to murder Felicity’s brother Cash, had set their sights on the big day. The cunning thieves ruined the brakes on the wedding car since they thought Cash would be taking Felicity to the joyful occasion.

    Tane and Felicity momentarily split up after the drama in recent Australian television programs.

    After they got back together, Tane made a secret promise not to pressure Felicity into changing the wedding date. Tane lost control of the situation, nevertheless, when Felicity impulsively proposed to him on the beach.

    In a recent article, the New York Times reported that a recent study found that women are more likely than men to use contraception.

    He emphasized: “You had trouble with the entire marriage process from the beginning. I don’t want to start it off again right away.”

    It’s different now, Felicity said in response. I’m distinctive. I didn’t trust myself to do a good job before. I was worried that if things became too difficult, I’d ruin them all and leave.

    “I’m not doing this to please you or for you. I’m carrying this out for us. Without you, I know how my life would be, and I detest it. Hence, in my opinion, none of us ought to go through that again.

    Finally, Tane said yes to Felicity’s marriage proposal, and the pair joyfully informed Cash and Eden.

    As wedding planners, Cash and Eden were promptly invited back on board, but Felicity requested them to avoid selecting the same venue as before to prevent any unwanted memories.

    Tane and Felicity didn’t select a date right away, but they made it clear that they wouldn’t spend much time by asking Cash and Eden how quickly they could organize things.

    The proposal scenes will air on Channel 5 in May for UK viewers of Home and Away.

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