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Home and Away sees dramatic explosion in new promo

A new Home and Away promo has given us our first glimpse of an explosion which is set to rock the town and leave one resident in a coma.

What a wonderful couple of weeks we had at Summer Bay! There’s a lot of investigating to be done, so it’s a good thing rookie cop Cash Newman has arrived. Justin is jailed for assaulting Stephen, then Susie’s body is discovered, and now a massive explosion is due to rock the town, putting the lives of many of our favorite characters in jeopardy.

The drama will unravel in next week’s Australian episodess, as Chloe and Ryder’s brand new taco restaurant goes up in flames on either Monday or Tuesday. It will be ripped apart by a gigantic explosion, harming many bystanders as well as many of our favorite characters.

The dramatic promo for next week’s Australian episodess doesn’t give much away. At just 20 seconds long, it starts with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) running away from the Surf Club, a fire extinguisher in hand.

As he heads away from the club, he looks towards the site of Ryder and Chloe’s taco van, La Cucuracha. He passes what looks like Ryder (Lukas Radovich) lying on the floor, covered in ash and soot.

We cut to a shot of a pair of legs, in light blue ripped jeans, as a fire burns in front of them.

Then, with the words “Is it an accident?” across the screen, we see a woman’s ash-blackened legs, with one heeled shoe remaining in place as they lay motionless on the ground. Marilyn, perhaps?

The next shot, a light blue water bottle in the hand of another Summer Bay resident knocked down by the blast. Jasmine?

“Could someone have done this?” asks the text in the next shot, which shows a smouldering flyer from La Cucuracha resting on a blackened piece of wood.

Finally, the camera pans down from a smoky sky to find the just launched taco van entirely burned up, its black shell still burning brightly and burnt-out fragments of vehicle scattering for meters in every direction.

We have audio from different scenarios playing at the same time as the graphics. “Chloe?” exclaims Ryder, who appears to be desperately looking for his fiancée and business partner.

“What happened?” Chloe (Sam Barrett) calls out, confused.

“Move back,” shouts another voice, which sounds like Mackenzie (Emily Weir).


“Over here, we need help,” shouts Dean.

“Chloeee,” screams another voice, as sirens blare.

“Surely this was just a freak accident?” says Dean in the final words of the promo – but is it?

The explosion has been long-anticipated, and we first reported on it back in February after paparazzi and eagle-eyed fans spotted the scenes being filmed at Sydney’s Palm Beach.

One fan even got to grab a selfie with Sam Frost, who had his body and clothes darkened and was wearing make-up to mask a head wound applied by the make-up department.

The burnt out shell of the taco truck. https://www.instagram.com/gut_feelings_with_lozzy/

Ryder, Jasmine (Sam Frost), Bella (Courtney Miller), and Marilyn (Emily Symons) are all injured in the explosion, which will have a long-term impact on the bay. Jasmine appears to be the worst of the bunch, with previews for next Thursday’s triple bill stating that “Jasmine wakes up,” implying that she’ll be in a coma for several days following the tragedy.

As new detective Cash investigates the explosion, attempting to determine if it was a simple accident or if foul play was involved, it appears that we’re in for another mystery.

If it wasn’t an accident, who would be to blame?

Kieran (Rick Donald) has returned to town and has a track record of making stupid decisions. Mackenzie isn’t a fan of the taco truck parked outside her restaurant, and she went missing for days last week… Was she plotting anything, perhaps a measure to eliminate the competition that turned out to have unintended consequences?

Susie is another option (Bridie Carter). Everyone’s memories of her are still vivid, and we have no idea what she’s capable of. Is it just a coincidence that her body turns up in the bay less than a week after the explosion?


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