Home and Away Spoilers – Alf gets revenge on Stunning Organics

    This week on Home and Away in Australia, Alf spots an opportunity to get his revenge on Stunning Organics – will the risky move pay off?

    As soon as we though the Summer Bay vs. Stunning Organics battle was over, Alf (Ray Meagher) is given the opportunity to exact some of his own justice thanks to a surprising gesture from the company’s new CEO.

    After signing up with the dubious skincare company to make some money for her son Jett’s (Will McDonald) wedding, Marilyn (Emily Symons) had to fight them for weeks.

    It was soon apparent that Stunning Organics was misusing their brand advocates and selling dubious goods. Marilyn made the decision to criticise the business on social media with Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) help when Roo (Georgie Parker) experienced an adverse reaction to one of their face masks.

    Marilyn and Kirby refused to be intimidated into silence by Stunning Organics, even receiving notices that the business was preparing to sue them for slander. As the weeks passed, the threats grew increasingly intimate, including direct threats sent to Marilyn and a brick thrown through the Beach House’s window.

    No one could have predicted how far the unscrupulous company CEO would go when he mailed Marilyn a package containing an explosive device.

    When Roo and John (Shane Withington) were transferring the box to the tip after the Summer Bay residents played Pass the Parcel with it, they found themselves in the firing line. Though brave Mali (Kyle Shilling) sprinted after the duo, managing to get them out of the van just before the parcel detonated, after the CEO’s gloating message informed Marilyn of its contents.

    Mali, who suffered from a punctured eardrum, as well as John and Roo continued to take some of the blow. While John was mostly unharmed despite needing surgery for internal bleeding in his intestines, Roo quickly deteriorated after sustaining a neck fracture.

    Since then, it has come to light that Stunning Organics’ CEO, whom no one seemed to know how to reach, had in fact been asked to resign. He may have been trying to finish the job when he was discovered at the Yabbie Creek motel, but the police intervened, and he was taken into custody off-screen. He later came clean, avoiding the need for Marilyn to give a testimony in court.

    Even though they were happy that one obstacle had been overcome, Marilyn and Alf found little solace in learning that Stunning Organics was still in business, although with a freshly appointed CEO. They technically haven’t done anything wrong, as Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) pointed out, despite their subpar products and business practises.

    In an interview with the Coastal News, CEO Carey Fielding (Eloise Snape) stated that the former CEO had been fired for misconduct, and that his actions were “no reflection of the high standards and ethics we aspire to at Stunning Organics” (you don’t say!).

    Alf and Marilyn felt sick to their stomach as they then read that the company wanted to “reassure our loyal customers and hard-working brand ambassadors that our high quality products will continue to trade as normal“.

    The two appeared helpless to take any action… but not until this week, when a fascinating chance presents itself.

    According to a story in TV Week, Stunning Organics plans to reportedly extend an olive branch to Marilyn by having her attend a press conference as a special guest. Carey is prepared to pay Marilyn $25,000 for her assistance because it appears like she wants to start over and put the company’s poor reputation behind them.

    That would certainly clear Marilyn’s money issues, and be more than enough to provide for Jett’s wedding, but despite repeated attempts by phone and email to convince Marilyn to attend, she is determined not to be swayed. For all they know it could be yet another scam.

    The horror that her friends have been hurt because of her involvement [with the company] is forefront in her mind,” Emily told TV Week.

    Roo is still badly injured and has been transferred to hospital in the city.

    Alf doesn’t think Marilyn should be so hasty in turning them down though, as he begins to formulate a plan.

    As the media swarm into, eh, Summer Bay Surf Club, it is obvious that Stunning Organics went all out for their press junket. Carey enthusiastically welcomes Marilyn when she arrives and asks her to make a speech.

    It’s unclear exactly what Carey anticipates Marilyn to say about the business at this point, but she is not counting on Marilyn requesting Alf to join her on stage because Alf, needless to say, doesn’t have many great things to say.

    Alf reveals exactly what he believes Stunning Organics to stand for while displaying images of his daughter Roo and a picture of her asleep in a hospital bed. Carey is besieged as Alf attacks her, demanding that the business take responsibility for what happened.

    According to TV Week, the seemingly caring new CEO soon shows her true colours when she eventually lashes out, telling the room that she “doesn’t care” about Roo’s condition.

    Kirby is recording the whole thing for the socials, as are the various press that are in attendance who are quick to jump on the surprise turn that their story has now taken.

    Will this finally be the end for Stunning Organics?

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