Home and Away Spoilers – John’s new look Surf Club is unveiled

    Next week on Home and Away in the UK, it’s a big day at the surf club for John as the newly revamped juice bar has its grand opening.

    John (Shane Withington) felt a twinge of jealousy earlier this month when he noticed Mali’s (Kyle Shilling) renovation of his recently purchased board shop on the other side of the clubroom, realizing Summer Bay’s leading juice and gelato destination was now looking a little run-down in comparison.

    Mali initially agreed to help John with a rebrand since he was impressed with his abilities, but John balked when Mali said he’d be pleased to do so for a fee.

    Mali, on the other hand, saw John struggling with his own designs and offered a full design concept for “JP’s Juice Bar,” complete with a lookbook, logos, and 3D renderings.

    The following week, as John drives up in the Can-Am on the beach, he is as excited as a cat and wonders why Mali is late finishing his lesson.

    John, however, is eager to assist Mali in packing up his gear so that he can show him the results of his labors back up at the club rather than worrying about his schedule.

    The entire place has been painted, and the dull off-white walls that had decorated the room since its last renovation in 2010 have been replaced with the light blue wall that Mali had selected for Mantaray Boards’ backdrop.

    New high tables and stools, new lighting, fresh plants, and a luxurious new sofa area are all present.

    As ‘JP’s Juice Bar’ is formally introduced, the new-looking juice bar creates the most impression.

    Since its debut on UK television in September 2010, when the entire surf club underwent restoration and a second story was added, the juice bar has only had two makeovers. It took the place of the previous Noah’s bar, which doubled as a juice bar and a bar in the evenings.

    Only a few months after the club’s remodeling, which included vibrant colors, a small gym, and a surfwear shop, the club’s upper management had a change of heart and simplified things to have a more straightforward appearance. The manager’s office was relocated down the stairs at the same time as the addition of the separate gym.

    This appearance made its premiere in December 2010—which, for context’s sake, was the same week that Georgie Parker made her debut as Roo—and has persisted up to the present. Therefore, it makes sense that JP thought it appeared a little worse for wear after 1212 years.

    Mali is impressed by the transformation when he enters the clubroom in the present, and he is even more so when he learns that John has chosen his favorite of the logo concepts.

    Tane (Ethan Browne) also shows his admiration as he emerges from the gym, and John gets him to take a photo of himself and Mali in front of the swish new counter.

    Later in the morning, though, John is seeing that business is sluggish.

    John intends to ask Mali for another tiny favor, but Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) advises that he could do a free juice distribution. John, however, has something a little more affordable in mind.

    John wonders if Mali has shared the photo of the two of them that she provided him on his social media accounts.

    John responds that as the artist, he’d undoubtedly want to partake in the publicity when Mali reminds out that he could just post it on the surf club socials.

    Mali smiles as he sees John’s game—”You mean you want a piggyback off the success of Mantaray Boards…?

    No….” John replies before subtly changing tact…”Would it hurt?

    Mali promises to get onto it, and before long JP’s Juice Bar is packed with customers—what a good guy that Mali is!

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