Home And Away Spoilers: Justin goes all out to save young Andrew

    Nothing will stop him.

    The truth about “Esther” has finally been exposed – but is it too late to save Andrew?

    This week on Home And Away, Justin and policeman Cash are desperately looking for connections to Vita Nova, the mysterious group linked to the kidnapping of the adolescent.

    Andrew (Joshua Hewson) just moved in with Esther, who claimed to be his mother in recent episodes. She actually goes by Margot Dafoe (Mandy McElhinney), and she is the evil organization’s boss, therefore it was all a deception.

    According to James Stewart, 47, “Once Justin realizes Cash has released Andrew into the hands of an imposter, he’s gravely concerned.” He feels compelled to assist this young man, but Cash’s actions have immediately put Andrew back in harm’s way.

    The situation is critical because there is no address to look for and Cash dismissed the case for carelessness. Andrew is being lectured by Margot at the complex while she locks him in a cell and coerces him into accepting his position at Vita Nova.

    Mandy, 52, describes Margot as a “woman of great belief and faith in her way of seeing the outside world – as a dangerous place that’s falling apart.” You only need to glance at the news to see that there is some truth to it.

    So she built a sanctuary to shield her family from the outside world.
    The next day, Cash listens in on police chats in an effort to learn something. He and Justin leave after they come across the Vita Nova compound’s location.

    Men surround the two when they arrive, but Justin won’t back down since he needs to see Andrew right away. Margot gladly agrees and claims she has nothing to conceal.

    “Everything she’s doing is to protect Andrew,” Mandy says. “She feels it’s her duty to save him, even if that means punishing him to make him see what she does.”

    Relieved to find Andrew unharmed, Justin gestures for him to leave, but he won’t budge. He claims he’s happy at Vita Nova, that it’s home.

    Stunned, Justin decides to tell him the truth: the police have found his sister. Still, Andrew insists on staying.

    When he and Cash are ordered to leave, Justin vows to return. He’s not giving up on Andrew, and no-one can stop him…

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