Home and Away spoilers: Justin’s fate sealed, Mackenzie returns and Xander struggles

    Home and Away’s Justin will find if he is facing prison time. Meanwhile, the Summer Bay residents are shocked when Mack returns and Xander struggles to deal with Jamie’s death

    Rose from Home and Away focuses on assisting Xander in getting better after she breaks up with Mali.

    When Xander awakens from sedation and remembers the terrible news of his lover Jamie’s passing, he is devastated.

    Although Rose and Mali make an effort to put their problems aside for Xander, their tension is evident.

    Xander reassures Rose that by finding the ambush assailants and bringing them to justice, she done the right thing for Jamie’s family.

    Mali and Rose should talk through their issues, in Irene’s opinion, but they are unable to do so and their dialogue devolves into an altercation.

    Every time the ex-couple gets close to one another, someone is injured. They just can’t seem to stay apart.

    Despite their agreement to stop the relationship because of their differences, it is still unclear whether they will be happy together.

    Mali compiles a plan for the new board business, Mantaray Boards, in honor of his homeland, Mantaray Point, hastily after neglecting his duties.

    Meanwhile, when Xander finds out about Jamie’s funeral, his survivor’s guilt intensifies.

    Xander pushes Rose to learn the specifics of the burial because he wants closure.

    In other places, Mackenzie’s abrupt disappearance at Salt is causing things to gradually fall apart.

    When Felicity realizes that Salt’s liquor license must be renewed by 5 o’clock and that Mackenzie must sign, she becomes anxious.

    He is shocked to see Mali returning when she arrives at Mackenzie’s.

    Although it’s painful, Mack agrees with John that this decision is Gabe’s to make and says a painful goodbye to her ex in a final voicemail.

    Across the Bay, Justin is preparing for prison when he realises how many people rely on him.

    Theo makes a snap decision to quit his apprenticeship and Justin is relieved as this is one less thing to handle.

    Alf is concerned that Justin is not handling the pressure of his impending court hearing.

    Theo feels the pressure of Justin’s case as his defence rests on Theo’s testimony.

    When Theo emerges from the court room, he’s deflated when he says his witness testimony was a total disaster.

    Under pressure from the ruthless prosecution, Theo accidentally corroborated their argument and confirmed that Ava had a pattern of dishonesty.

    As Justin’s court case seems hopeless, Justin prepares to take the stand.

    Fearing his hot head could lead to self-incrimination, Justin’s lawyer advises against it.

    Saving the day, Alf volunteers to be a character witness for Justin.

    Leah tries to be strong for Justin but struggles knowing that she could be losing him for months, or even years, to prison.

    Leah is inconsolable when Justin embraces her in his arms to spend what might be their final night together.

    The court has reached its verdict, and Justin receives the call they have all been dreading the following morning.

    Remi catches Eden’s eye in another scene, bursts Cash and Eden’s love bubble.

    Cash can’t help but feel a tinge of unease as she watches the best friends reunion since she thinks the two are a touch too close.

    Cash becomes icy as he sees Eden laughing in Remi’s lap and enters the room.

    Eden instructs Remi to go apologize to Cash because she really wants the males in her life to get along.

    Cash is not pleased with Remi’s apology and demands that they should not be as physically intimate as they are.

    Remi, however, is offended because she feels Cash has no right to dictate the rules of their friendship.

    Eden is frantically trying to work out a deal between the two men, but Remi insists Cash’s insecurity is his own fault.

    Eden vows to set physical boundaries with Remi in exchange for making amends with Cash.

    Remi and Bree are taking things slowly right now, but their chemistry is still very strong.

    Bree can’t help but give in to the temptation when Remi invites her over.

    Bree pulls away as the fever rises because she’s not ready for physical connection.

    Later, Bree feels apprehensive when she sees a group of female admirers gathered around Remi’s busking.

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