Home and Away Spoilers – Kahu scams Tane and targets Mackenzie

    Next week on Home and Away in the UK, newcomer Kahu’s true intentions are revealed as he scams Tane out of $1500 before setting his sights on Mackenzie.

    When Tane (Ethan Browne) learns that his cousin has defrauded him, his initial concerns about giving Kahu (Jordi Webber) money to enroll in TAFE are confirmed.

    When Kahu learned that Tane was advertising a position for a personal trainer, he was eager to accept it at Summer Bay Fit. Tane originally neglected to notify him, however, that Kahu didn’t truly possess the necessary credentials.

    Despite Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) reservations, Tane continued to use him as a general dogsbody and recently proposed that Kahu pursue his PT certifications at TAFE.

    Tane agreed with Kahu, but Kahu then informed Tane that in order to enroll in the six-month course, TAFE required him to pay $1500 up front. Tane was then asked whether he could lend Kahu the money.

    For viewers who had already seen Kahu on the phone with his mother, claiming to be working on a fishing trawler, alarm bells had undoubtedly started to ring. Later, after learning how well the gym was doing, he developed a genuine interest in helping Tane with the accounts.

    Given Kahu’s reputation for abandoning projects at home, Tane was initially hesitant to provide the money. Although he always begins with enthusiasm, he frequently loses interest and leaves. Tane agreed to the loan since Felicity this time suggested that Kahu might have finally discovered “his thing” and defended him.

    Next week, Kahu will be thinking about more than just money.

    Tane catches up with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) on the beach as she comes in from a surf, and tells her how sorry he was to hear about Gabe’s death. Mac tells him that she’s doing okay, and that having Mali (Kyle Shilling) around as her new housemate has been a great help.

    As Kahu approaches, Tane asks how his TAFE orientation went down—good apparently!

    As Mac heads off towards the club in her bikini, Kahu’s eyes follow her.

    Noticing the rapidly increasing size of Kahu’s… grin, Tane warns him not to go there. Mac’s been through a lot lately.

    Kahu quickly returns the conversation to TAFE by stating that the fees must be paid today. Kahu asks Tane if he wouldn’t mind sending the money to him so that he can pay the fees himself since he doesn’t want it to appear that he is relying on a handout after Tane pledges to pay it straight. Kahu then informs Tane that the fees have been paid after Tane gives his consent.

    Kahu decides to try her luck after spotting Mac working at Salt and inviting her to lunch. Tane glances disapprovingly at his cousin, and Mac simply responds, “She’s not on the menu.”

    Kahu lets her off, figuring that she probably wouldn’t want to get in trouble with her ‘boss’ Felicity anyway for slacking off, as an amused Mac agrees.

    After Mac leaves them, Tane explains that she actually co-owns Salt with Felicity, and you can almost see the dollar signs pop up in Kahu’s eyes.

    So she’s beautiful… AND successful” Kahu observes.

    …and still off-limits to you, remember?” Tane quickly adds.

    When Tane later asks for details of his TAFE timetable so that he can organise the gym rosters, Kahu is cagey but soon manages to steer the conversation away after spying Mac nearby.

    Kahu goes over to meet with her after explaining to Tane that he just wants to apologize for the mix-up earlier. merely to stage a different show.

    Mac goes in to Kahu’s playful pleading as he asks for another opportunity, reasoning that he would be a useful diversion at the time.

    Kahu is unaware that his lies are already starting to fall apart. Tane is shocked to learn that the TAFE has no record of Kahu being registered when he decides to contact them on his own to get the timetable information he needs.

    In the meantime, Kahu is on the phone to his mum again, telling her that he’s sending over $1500 of the bumper profits he’s earned on the fictional trawler.

    Tane maintains his composure while asking Kahu for his schedule once more at home. Tane confronts Kahu when he says he’s still waiting for his login information. He demands to know where his money is even if he knows he’s lying about TAFE.

    What is Kahu up to?

    Away gigs have brought Lyrik back to Summer Bay, but partner Remi (Adam Rowland) doesn’t get the warm welcome he was hoping for from Bree (Juliet Godwin).

    Bree decides to go surfing after nervously ignoring a text from Remi informing her of his arrival, and he ultimately finds her there.

    Remi is excited to see her after so long away (it’s been a week for those not counting), but whilst Bree tries her best to be enthusastic, it’s clear that she is on edge.

    Remi tries to strike up a conversation regarding her activities while he was away at home, but Bree is evasive before finally suggesting they go to Salt.

    As they struggle through their chat, Remi is left wondering where their connection has suddenly vanished.

    Bree’s concern is only increased when he later acknowledges that he had requested Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to watch after her while he was away since he had noticed that she was uneasy about it. Bree hurriedly leaves, claiming that she has work-related obligations, and goes home. She tells Remi that they would have breakfast together in the morning while putting on a brave face.

    We’ve seen Bree’s attitude before, but under quite different circumstances.

    Remi visits Bree’s apartment the following morning and requests to speak with her since he can see something is wrong and he wants to be of assistance.

    Bree informs Remi that she has already scheduled a meeting with her counselor after acknowledging the elephant in the room. Bree’s memories of how she used to feel every time her abusive late husband Jacob (Alex Williams) left for work have been revived as a result of Remi’s departure.

    Bree always had a knot in her stomach as she got ready to put on her smiling face because she never knew if she would get the loving Jacob or the one who was preparing to beat her black and blue.

    Bree knows that Remi would never do anything like that, it doesn’t make any sense to her whatsoever, but that knot in her stomach returned as Remi came home… and she doesn’t know what either of them can do about it.

    With the band needing to earn money from frequent touring, will Bree be able to move past her trauma to carry on her relationship with Remi?

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