Home and Away Spoilers – Mackenzie tries to move on from Gabe

    Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Mackenzie returns to Summer Bay and prepares to move on from Gabe, while Xander struggles to come to terms with the loss of his colleague.

    Following the tragic attack on Xander (Luke Van Os) and his coworker Jamie (Hugo Liu), the Delaney siblings will each face their own challenges the following week.

    Xander was taken to the hospital with a torn spleen after being ambushed by several criminals who wanted to steal the narcotics from their ambulance, but Jamie tragically passed away there.

    After his urgent surgery, Xander experienced post-operative confusion due to a severe anesthetic reaction. After coming around, he swung wildly at Head of ED Bree (Juliet Godwin), forcing her to sedate him.

    Rose (Kirsty Marillier), Xander’s sister, set out to find the criminals while he lay comatose.

    While Xander was unconscious, his sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) set out to find the criminals and bring them to justice.

    Mali (Kyle Shilling), Rose’s boyfriend, did not agree with her coping strategy of spending time seeking evidence rather than by Xander’s bedside.

    Mali was constantly criticizing Rose, but her perseverance paid off when Elise (Micaela Ellis), a patient, was admitted to the hospital with an overdose of fentanyl, one of the drugs that had been taken from the ambulance.

    With the help of Elise’s phone, Rose was able to entice the drug dealer, Brock (Ben Corlett), to meet her where she quickly arrested him.

    Rose asked Mali if he would accompany her to the hospital as she was now confident that justice would be served for both Jamie and Xander. Mali had previously accused Rose of simply going after the attackers for her own gain.

    Mali disagreed, believing that Rose required some private time with her brother. Mali continued to break up with Rose after explaining to her that their priorities in life are clearly different—family is essential to her, in case you hadn’t figured that out by now.

    The next week, Rose returns to the ICU where Bree is prepared to awaken Xander from his anesthesia in the hopes that the anesthetic is now gone. Thankfully, Xander is back to usual despite being sleepy.

    Bree examines him briefly and finds that Xander is responding well. He is then returned to a ward. However, Xander quickly recalls what Rose had said to him just before he was rushed into surgery. Jamie failed to arrive.

    As the truth of the situation dawns on him and he begins to sob, Xander asks Rose to give him a moment to himself.

    Mali’s tension with Rose is all too evident to Xander when he subsequently pays a visit. Once Mali has left, Rose spills all the grisly details, and the two end up in a long and important conversation that serves as a diversion for Xander.

    After learning that Mali believed Rose had abandoned her brother, Xander agrees with Rose: by grabbing the chance to pursue the crooks, she did exactly the right thing and shouldn’t feel bad about it.

    Xander’s keen to be discharged but Bree tells him that he knows the drill, he has to stay a few more days for observation.

    Rose argues that Mali has no right to criticize her for going after the attackers when they cross paths in the diner because Xander had no problem with it. The two are obviously never going to agree on anything, as evidenced by the fact that a subsequent conversation similarly ended in conflict.

    returning to the hospital. Xander instantly realizes that Rose is bringing in a bag of food in an effort to divert attention away from the Mali problem.

    Xander is now having nightmares about the attack, therefore Jamie quickly comes to mind. After receiving a bouquet of flowers from the ambulance station, he feels unworthy of them in light of Jamie’s passing.

    Having received news that Jamie’s funeral is being planned, Xander begs Rose to find out the details, but Rose is hesitant.

    Given her brother’s mental health, not to mention his physical injuries, is it a good idea for him to attend the funeral?

    Elsewhere in Summer Bay, having been asked to look after the farmhouse in Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) absence, Mali is surprised when he rocks up to find that Mac is actually back in the bay already, and has been for two days.

    Opting to keep a low profile, Mac has parked her car around the back where no one can see it.

    Mac announced to everyone that she was moving in with her mother Tanya in the city after her terminally sick lover Gabe (Akos Armont) decided to depart rather than expose her to the awful truth of his final months of suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

    Mac quickly tells Mali, though, that she actually went to Brisbane to look for Gabe. She has tried talking to his acquaintances and coworkers without success.

    Mac is making an effort to act brave now that she’s back in the bay, but she is dreading having to face everyone and reveal the truth about where Gabe has vanished.

    Having made the decision to return to Salt, she is shocked to learn that Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) got married while she was away.

    With the news just adding more pain as she prepares for life without Gabe, Mac finds it difficult to express his joy in her success, leaving Flick concerned that something has irked her.

    Flick and Tane (Ethan Browne) are concerned about Gabe because Mac is refusing to give any information about him. They also fear that he may have already passed away.

    When Mac reads Gabe’s note once again after she gets home, she finally loses it and tears up the note in rage.

    Eventually forced to reveal the truth to Tane, when he later pops by to ask what’s going on, Mac is quick to boot him out, telling him that she doesn’t want his pity.

    Flick and Tane (Ethan Browne) are concerned about Gabe because Mac is refusing to give any information about him. They also fear that he may have already passed away.

    When Mac reads Gabe’s note once again after she gets home, she finally loses it and tears up the note in rage.

    In the end, Mac turns to John (Shane Withington) for help when he shows up on the pretext of giving her club mail after learning about Gabe from Tane.

    Mac confides in him about the pain she is feeling as a result of knowing Gabe is suffering and dying somewhere, all alone.

    Gabe had only begun treatment in order to gain a little more time with Mackenzie, but now he’s left he’s likely to have stopped the chemo, meaning the inevitable is drawing ever nearer.

    Mac returns to Salt and apologizes to Flick after John offers to be her shoulder to cry on before deciding it’s finally time to put an end to everything.

    Mac calls Gabe and leaves him a voicemail, like she has done several times over the previous three weeks, but this will be the last.

    You win,” she tells him. “I will move in with my life the way that you want. It still hurts, I still wish things were different… but I will not call you again. I love you… goodbye Gabe.

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