Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn and Kirby face legal action

    Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Marilyn and Kirby face a tough choice on whether to continue their fight against Stunning Organics, as the company begins legal action against them.

    Next week, Stunning Organics will carry out its threats to sue Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson), dealing a setback to their crusade against the skincare brand.

    After brand ambassador Marilyn tried to sell Roo (Georgie Parker) a product that caused an allergic response, additional investigation revealed reports of similar incidents from other consumers as well as a large number of ambassadors dissatisfied with the company’s methods.

    The contract Marilyn had agreed to turned out to be nothing more than a shady pyramid scheme.

    Marilyn is trying to negotiate with the company’s legal staff, but while telling Roo and Alf (Ray Meagher) that everything is under control, she hasn’t actually made any progress. Additionally, when Irene (Lynne McGranger) is away, she continues to get deliveries of multiple boxes of goods each week, which she covertly stores at the Beach House.

    “Marilyn went into it with confidence and enthusiasm, so to find she’s been tricked and now has to sell all this product is overwhelming and upsetting,” Emily told the Australian magazine TV Week. She feels humiliated and guilty for dragging her pals into a situation that she didn’t fully grasp.

    After Marilyn told Kirby the truth, the two decided to play hardball and posted a second video to social media, this time revealing the truth about Stunning Organics—that her friend was admitted to the hospital after trying one of the products, and that the business is now pressuring her to sell things she doesn’t believe in.

    As the week draws to a close, Kirby is surprised to see a message from the legal team of Stunning Organics threatening to sue her unless she immediately pulls the video down from her social media accounts.

    The following week, Kirby hurries to show Marilyn the note, both of them shocked that the business would go to such lengths. Marilyn, who is in a state of fear, urges Kirby to take the posts and video down right once, but Kirby resists, arguing that everything they have written is genuine and that this is merely a scare tactic.

    In Kirby’s view, the threat only proves that the pair are managing to scare Stunning Organics, so they should just call the company’s bluff.

    Marilyn hesitantly agrees to it, and even after receiving the same warning, the two maintain their position.

    But the following morning, the two are shocked when a process server (Dilshan Rain) hands each of them legal papers, informing them that Stunning Organics is suing them for defamation.

    The two created an internet community in the hopes that additional victims would come up since they felt that the only way they could battle the firm was by identifying others who were experiencing the same problems. If they can exert enough pressure, Stunning Organics will undoubtedly cave.

    Marilyn keeps up her best efforts to conceal her situation from Alf in the interim.

    It’s a difficult task because Alf already knows something is wrong because Marilyn has avoided him at home and constantly switches the topic when he enters the diner to witness Marilyn talking to Kirby. Alf makes an effort to sit down with her and provide support for whatever is bothering her, but she adamantly rejects him.

    A suspicious Alf follows Marilyn to the Beach House after she receives a text letting her know that yet another package will be arriving there, where he can witness for himself what a predicament Marilyn has gotten herself into.

    Irene’s living room is covered with dozens of Stunning Organics boxes, and Marilyn realizes she can’t talk herself out of this decision.

    Marilyn admits everything to her beloved Mr Stewart—how she’s still under contract to the company with no way of getting out of it, that she made up the lawyer that she was supposedly planning to meet with, and about the fact that the company are now suing her.

    Alf can’t believe things have got this far, as he tells Marilyn that she should have told him what was going on.

    Whilst he worries about Marilyn and Kirby’s attempts to take the company down, he eventually tells Marilyn that she’s doing the right thing.

    Emily continued, “Having Alf’s support is so essential to her. Even though it’s a little bit easier for her to handle, the situation is still not good.

    Alf devises a strategy after later notifying Roo about the predicament and is aware of just who to call.

    Morag? Sadly, no… Gerald, a member of the surf club committee and a former high-powered accountant in the city, seems to be in the ideal position to uncover some information about the business.

    Will Alf’s involvement be the one thing that could save Marilyn and Kirby as Gerald gets to work off-screen?

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