Home and Away Spoilers – Mercedes and Remi kiss!

    Coming up on Home and Away in Australia, Bree grows increasingly jealous of Mercedes and Remi, and her worst fears are confirmed when the pair share a kiss.

    Bree starts to get envious of Mercedes and Remi on the Australian episode of Home and Away, and when the two kiss, her worst suspicions come true.

    Even though Mercedes only moved to Summer Bay at the end of May, she has already had a significant impact. She is a violinist with classical training, and Remi believed she was Lyrik’s secret weapon in the Battle of the Bands.

    However, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) was far from happy with her arrival, revealing that Mercedes once tried to steal Remi away to join a rival band, and Eden hasn’t trusted her since.

    Not only Eden, but everyone else was anxious about the visitor. Remi reassured Bree that despite their tight friendship, they had never had a problem and that she didn’t need to be concerned. Eden cautioned Bree to use caution, nevertheless.

    The ‘The Girlfriend’ vs. ‘The Friend’-focused promo begins with Bree and Remi sharing a kiss and seems completely in love, but only for a brief moment.

    We then cut back to a shot of Remi and Bree embracing before cutting to a shot of Remi and Mercedes joking around on the beach. Mercedes arrives on her motorcycle and abruptly ends their conversation.

    As Mercedes pulls up, she takes off her helmet and tosses it at Remi.

    “Get ready to love me even more than you already do,” she tells him, before beckoning him onto the back of her bike.

    Bree is left behind as the two ride out into the distance, and she doesn’t appear thrilled about it.

    Bree has already admitted to Remi how much she despises riding motorcycles, but when she sees her lover drive off with a lady he has a past with, we’re sure that Bree’s safety is the least of her worries.

    We then see Bree and Xander (Luke Van Os) head out of the water after a surf.

    Bree begins to open up to her friend, explaining that “her and Remi have history.”

    “I still think Mercedes has a thing for you,” Bree tells Remi.

    “I only want you,” he reassures her.

    Bree grinned and leaned in for a kiss with her partner, but it didn’t ease her anxiety.

    More views of Mercedes trying to get near to Remi are shown in the new advertisement while Bree observes and grows more envious by the second as she straightens his shirt.

    “I know what you’re doing,” says Bree as she confronts Mercedes.

    But, in the first real sign of Mercedes’ true feelings towards Remi’s choice of partner, she doesn’t deny a thing.

    “And I have no idea what he’s doing with you,” is Mercedes’ cutting response. “You’re antsy over the tiniest threat.”

    “You think you’re a threat?” is Bree’s response, but it’s clear she’s rattled.

    “Stop, before you embarrass yourself.”

    Remi walks in at that point, shocked to find his two favourite women fighting – “What’s going on?”

    Later, it looks like Remi and Mercedes discuss the latest development, as Remi stares back towards the Lyrik house with a concerned look on his face.

    Is Mercedes successfully putting doubts in his mind about his future with Bree?

    Later, Remi confronts Bree over whether she really trusts him as much as she claims to.

    “You said you trusted me, but clearly you don’t.”

    Next, we see the band performing in a recording studio.

    Mercedes promised last week that she would use her connections to assist Lyrik secure a studio deal at mates’ prices, and it seems that she has kept her promise.

    The band has seen many ups and downs since moving to Summer Bay, but they are all beaming broadly as they play their songs together, with Mercedes playing violin in support.

    As they stop playing, Mercedes and Remi embrace warmly, and it seems that Mercedes’ plan may be working after all.

    “We wouldn’t be here without you,” Remi tells her as they sit in front of a mixing desk.

    Suddenly, in the final seconds of the shocking new promo, they lock lips… and from the looks of it, it’s not a one-sided thing.

    Does this spell the end for Remi and Bree?

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