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Home and Away Spoilers – Nikau cheats on Bella with Sienna!



On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Nikau throws everything away as he falls for Sienna’s manipulation.

It’s time for Bella’s (Courtney Miller) and Emmett’s (JR Reyne) exhibition preview after weeks of diligent planning. As a means of apologizing for her previous behavior, Mac (Emily Weir) has agreed to let them utilize Salt, and after a few late nights setting things up, everything is ready to go.

The event is a big success, and everyone is blown away by Bella’s photography. Bella, on the other hand, appears to be the only one who isn’t having fun.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) tries to perk up an obviously sad Bella by telling her that Colby would be very proud of her. However, there’s one thing weighing on her mind and taking away from the excitement of the day – where is her boyfriend?

Sienna (Rose Riley) has noticed that Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) new job is putting a wedge between him and Bella in recent weeks. She overheard the two bickering at the Parata house’s glamorous social media party, with Bella remarking that Nik has changed since he began fussing over his image and “socials.”

She is aware that Bella is dissatisfied with his new work and is concerned that he will choose his girlfriend over their shoots. How long until he pulls out of a shot entirely? He has ended one session early when Bella caught him and Allegra (Laura McDonald) kissing – how long before he pulls out of another entirely?

If their journey to Japan is to go through, Nikau must fully commit to it. Nikau’s commitment to Bella was reaffirmed when Sienna and Allegra tried to caution him about having a girlfriend, telling him that things never work out since those outside the industry never completely “understand it.” Unfortunately, manipulative Sienna isn’t going to stop there, and she knows she’ll have to go to extremes to remove Bella out of the picture.

Nikau and Allegra are on another shoot in the city this week, while Bella and Emmett’s exhibition opens in Summer Bay. Nik wants to leave early to be there for Bella, but Sienna makes him wait as long as she can by telling him she wants a quick private shoot with just him.

She advises Allegra to go to the bay and figure out a way to put even more distance between the two lovers. While Allegra is hesitant, she does not want the Japan trip to be canceled, so she goes to the exhibition and begins making plans.

Allegra steals Bella’s phone and sends Nikau a message informing him that the show has been postponed and that he does not need to return. That allows Sienna to entice him to her opulent apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour, where he is astounded by what he may achieve if he devotes his life to modeling.

In shocking scenes airing next week, Allegra gets hold of Bella’s phone and starts to wreck havoc. When Nikau sends Bella a message telling her he’s delayed but will be there as soon as he can, Allegra replies with “Sorry. Busy here now. Take your time, okay!”

With that, Nikau decides to stay in Sienna’s waterfront apartment a little longer. 

The agency continues to persuade Nikau that being a model makes it difficult to maintain long-term relationships. She describes how she tried everything she could to make her relationship with Emmett work. She sacrificed her ambitions for him and relocated to where he desired, but their occupations got in the way.

Meanwhile, back in the bay, the exhibition is a huge success, but Bella is still upset that Nikau failed to turn up for her big event. She seeks comfort in Emmett, and as he reassures her, the two friends share a hug.

Allegra spots an opportunity and snaps the hug, sending the photo straight to her boss.

As darkness falls in Sydney, Sienna shows the photo to Nikau, painting it as something much more than just one friend comforting another.

Nik is taken aback, having watched his girlfriend and Emmett become closer over the course of the internship but never suspecting anything. He misunderstands Sienna’s falsehoods and interprets it as proof that Bella is having an affair with her mentor, and he is crushed.

“I’m so sorry, Nik,” says Sienna. That’s what Emmett’s like, it’s why we broke up years ago. He’s always had a thing for his muses.”

The agency director seizes the moment and leans in for a kiss, which an emotional Nikau does not refuse. They’re waking up in bed together before they realize it. Nikau has cheated on his fiancée, thanks to Sienna’s plot!

He believes his actions were justifiable, but it isn’t long before he realizes the truth when he returns to the bay. Bella misplaced her phone during the show, didn’t send him any texts that night, and the show wasn’t canceled!

Emmett was merely there to lend a sympathetic ear. He gives Bella the photo of the two of them, and she expresses her disappointment that he was unable to attend her presentation. “That’s a hug, Nik!” Do you honestly believe I’d do something like that to you?!”

When he realizes he’s the one who cheated on Bella, he’s distraught, and she would never do the same to him! Now he must choose between two major decisions: do he tell his girlfriend and risk breaking her heart, or do he keep it a secret and risk breaking her heart? And, now that he knows Sienna and Allegra are using him, can he truly continue to work with them?


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