Home and Away spoilers: Rose’s father revealed, Dana police twist and Tane injury horror

    Rose is still on the hunt for her father and is shocked when she discovers his name. Elsewhere, Cash makes a startling discovery about Dana’s case and Tane receives news

    As Xander won’t acknowledge Rose’s desire to find her biological father, their tensions only grow.

    Later, Rose’s curiosity gets the better of her and she seeks up Samuel Edwards’ record at the station.

    When Cash catches her red-handed, she confesses and says that Samuel was already married when Rose was born.

    Rose is positive that Samuel Edwards is her biological father after receiving opposition when she tries to contact her mother.

    Inquiring about her ancestry, Rose uses Samuel’s known location and arrives at an opulent residence.

    In the meantime, while the sisters wait for an update from Cash, Harper keeps Dana at Irene’s. When Cash leaves Eden to tend to Harper, John gives her the lowdown, bringing up Harper’s uneasy demeanor in front of the cops.

    Later, Eden confronts Cash after she catches him conversing with Harper. The sisters become tense when Harper discovers Dana attempting to contact her former boyfriend—the man who lied to the police—on her cell phone.

    When Cash arrives to see Harper, Dana is forced to hide, while the Summer Bay cop reveals he can’t even get hold of the case file. Later, when Dana sees her sister’s phone unattended, she impulsively tries to text Olly as Harper catches her at the last minute.

    The sisters have an explosive fight at home and Harper is left horrified when a hurt Dana storms out of Irene’s, risking her cover. Dana goes back into hiding when Harper receives a message from Cash.

    Cash informs her that there are several gaps in Dana’s case when they meet. Bree, Mac, and Felicity are present at Tane’s self-defense lesson across the bay, but Eden is nowhere to be found.

    Felicity shows up at the shared residence and convinces Eden, who is hesitant, to enroll in the class. Once there, Eden unintentionally punches Felicity in the face while expressing her irrational anger towards Kirby and Lyrik.

    Later, Nikau informs Tane that their mother has been in an accident and has fractured her collarbone and leg. Tane feels compelled to travel to New Zealand to be with his nephew and sister-in-law while Nikau is flying from New York to be with her. However, he tells Felicity that it’s too soon after her attack for him to leave her.

    Felicity argues that Tane has pled guilty and is currently in jail, thus he should be with his family. However, her face falls after Tane leaves, and she later tells Eden that she’s not feeling well.

    Felicity tells us that she received a call from her attacker yesterday, requesting a meeting. Meanwhile, Lyrik won’t be able to play any of the songs Kirby wrote since Forrest Duke has informed him that all copyright licenses have been revoked. Justin is shocked to hear this news.

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