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Home And Away star Ada Nicodemu reveals new cult fear for Summer Bay


Ada Nicodemou has little trouble comprehending why Leah Patterson-Baker of Summer Bay can’t turn her back on a child in need, even if it puts her family in peril.

Teenager Andrew (Joshua Hewson) asked Leah and her partner Justin (James Stewart) for assistance after his father passed away, and they are now caring for him.

When local police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) launches an investigation, he learns that Andrew’s late father kidnapped him when he was just four years old and that the two were members of the infamous Vita Nova apocalyptic prophecy cult.

Cash cautions Leah and Justin to exercise caution if they seek to learn more about Andrew’s past since Vita Nova is deadly.

The couple’s choice, according to Nicodemou, who has a 10-year-old son named Johnas, is an obvious one.

“How could you turn your back on that when you are forced to care for a youngster who is so severely injured? I mean, I know I couldn’t,” the former star of Home And Away asserts.

“Well, of course you’d think twice about it, especially if you’re Leah and Justin, who already have a duty to Theo (Matt Evans), as well as to themselves and the town since you’re putting everyone in risk.

However, I don’t believe they truly have a choice. Leah simply invests everything into it because she genuinely cares about Andrew, adores him, and wants to treat him correctly. She truly nurtures him and tries to teach him how to read and write properly.

Nicodemou is gushing about Andrew’s actor, Hewson.

She claims that she was unable to stop staring at him while working against him since he is so captivating on screen.

“I had a sense that he was Andrew. I experienced the strong urge to take care of and nurture him. Josh did an excellent job portraying the character.

Leah and Justin start looking for Andrew’s mother despite Cash’s warning, but when a lady named Esther shows up in the Bay and says Andrew is her kid, they run into a whole new set of issues.

They now truly adore him, and he belongs in the family. Nicodemou continues, implying that the reunion is far from the conclusion of the story, “but the right thing to do, if this is his mother, is let Andrew go and be with her.”

“They have really come to love him and he’s part of the family. But the right thing to do, if this is his mum, is let Andrew go and be with her,” Nicodemou adds, hinting that the reunion is nowhere near the end of the story.

“This is a storyline that goes on for quite a while and people are hurt. It’s very, very serious.”

Vita Nova is not the first cult to threaten Summer Bay.

Tasha (Isabel Lucas), a local girl, was declared the Believers’ “chosen one” in 2005, and they forced her to bear a child against her will. Mumma Rose was the leader of this group.

Eight years later, Ethan MacGuire’s (Kiwi Matt Minto’s) second cult established a base in the seaside village. With Ethan dying in an explosion, their stay did not go well.

When she first learned about this new cult plot, Nicodemou admits she was a little surprised. However, she quickly saw that the youngster who was the center of the story was traumatized and being tormented, and she needed assistance.

She claims that ever since the show’s 35-year run began, there has been a recurring motif.

She adds that Leah and Justin are simply carrying on this tradition, first with Theo and now with Andrew. “There’s always been some families that have taken in kids in need and given them a home and I guess rehabilitated them and given them love and all that sort of stuff,” she says.

The plot is only the most recent in a string of dangers Leah has encountered since the character was first introduced 23 years ago. She has gone through three marriages, been widowed twice, divorced, survived multiple life-threatening injuries, been a part of a contentious surrogate plot, and most recently, she was kidnapped by a psychopath.

Nicodemou claims that the drama’s creators are always surprising her with the ideas they have for her character.

“I’ll never be able to write. She says, “I don’t know how they do it.

“I don’t ever approach the writers and ask, ‘What are you giving me?’ I’m not one of those performers. What will I do next? Like everyone else, I simply read the screenplay and exclaim, “Oh, this is amazing.” I enjoy getting a surprise each week.



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