Home and Away star Emily Weir signs up for Dancing With The Stars

    Home and Away actor Emily Weir has been revealed as a contestant on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars.

    The actress, well known for the role of Mackenzie Booth, will compete in the 2023 Seven Network dancing competition and display her prowess on the dance floor.

    Christie Whelan Browne, who portrayed Ned Willis’ stalker Scarlett Brady on Neighbours, will be working with Weir.

    Landscapist Charlie Albone, AFL player Gavin Wanganeen, The Chase Australia’s Issa Schultz, Olympic medalist James Magnussen, radio host Laura Byrne, comedian Mary Coustas, presenter Matt Preston, singer Phil Burton, actress Pia Miranda, Olympic gold medalist Sally Pearson, and actress Virginia Gay are also included in the list of confirmed participants.

    As Mackenzie, Emily has been a stalwart of Home and Away since 2019.

    Her and former co-star Tim Franklin (Colby Thorne), whose characters had an on-again, off-again love on the soap opera, reconnected in February for a number of pictures on the red carpet.

    In the meantime, Emily revealed to Who Magazine last year that she used alcohol as a form of self-medication for her anxiety. She said: “I was self-medicating with red wine, but I managed to cover it all extremely well.

    “I ignored the issue because I wanted to travel and party with my friends, like most people in their early 20s. I started drinking more at that time because it combated the anxiety and all my fears dissipated. But I became reliant on booze.”

    Emily added: “The more you shine a light on anxiety and addiction, the less power it has. It’s definitely not easy, but by speaking out, I hope anyone else who’s struggling realises that these issues can and do affect anyone.

    “I’m passionate about shining that light on something that affects so many of us.”

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