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Home and Away star Sam Barrett on explosion plot aftermath

“Chloe is quite badly injured.”

Chloe Anderson of Home and Away is among the most critically hurt when her food truck explodes in a dramatic plot set to be on UK television next week.

The firm blows up for strange reasons, with Chloe right in the middle of the danger zone, according to a major new action narrative.

Chloe is rushed to the hospital, as her family and friends in the Bay attempt hard to discover out what went wrong.

Here, Sam Barrett – who plays Chloe – reveals more about her character’s role in the storyline.

Chloe and Ryder’s business journey seems to be taking off so far. How has it been to film this storyline now that Chloe is settled in the Bay?

“Chloe is a fantastic businesswoman, and it’s exciting to see her expand her horizons and further establish herself in the Bay with this new venture.

“I think Chloe is really excited about where this may all go for her, and it’s been really fun to accompany her on her journey.”

Chloe and Ryder’s relationship also seems to be going from strength to strength.

“Both Ryder and Chloe are fascinating and complicated characters. They are friends as well as partners, and the fact that they are now in business together demonstrates how strong their bond is. They only want the best for one another.”

Prior to the explosion, is Chloe concerned at all about the growing tensions between Ryder and Mac?

“She is, but she also believes Ryder is a wonderful guy who is looking out for the company’s best interests.

“I think Chloe and Mac still respect each other deep down, but at the end of the day, it’s just business, and they’re all competitive individuals,” says the author.

What were the explosion scenes like to film?

“Filming those scenes took a number of days, and it was a huge undertaking. We all had a terrific time, and there were a lot of intricacies and stunts that went into putting it all together. The cast and staff did an amazing job.”

What can you tell us about Chloe’s role in the story?

“Because Chloe is closest to the truck, she has been seriously injured. She is in desperate need of assistance and is losing a lot of blood.

“She’s hurried to the hospital, where they’re doing everything they can to limit the harm.”

Is there a long road ahead for Chloe in her recovery?

“Despite the fact that Chloe has been severely harmed by everything that has occurred, she is tremendously tough and determined. She isn’t going to let this stop her, but it will keep her from working for a while.

“But, as you might anticipate, she’ll take advantage of the pause to plan her next move.

“Ryder is constantly there for Chloe and wants to make sure she is taken care of during her recovery. He will do everything in his power to rectify their current predicament and the harm that has been done to their company.”

Are Chloe and Ryder both worried about what will happen to their business now?

“I believe they are both struggling to make the business function and get things back on track.

“They’ve taken a huge hit, not only physically but also financially, and they’ll have to be clever and work extremely hard to keep their business afloat.”

Chloe has also recently discovered that she’s going to be a big sister. How does she feel about Mia and Ari taking this step?

“Chloe had dreamed of being a big sister since she was a little girl. She is pleased by the news, but considering her family’s history with pregnancy, she is concerned for her mother’s safety.

“All Chloe wants for her family is peace and happiness.”

What’s next for Chloe?

“Chloe, of course, is recovering from the blast. She clearly likes her downtime and re-connects with her family, thus there are some really sweet situations to be seen. She wants Mia and Ari to have the finest lives possible.

“There could also be another job on the way, possibly not one Chloe would have expected, so stay tuned!”


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