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Home and Away star Sam Frost reveals all on shock explosion story

“Jas is in complete survival mode.”

Home and Away’s Jasmine Delaney becomes a local hero on UK screens next week, as she races to help the injured when Ryder Jackson and Chloe Anderson’s food truck explodes.

A routine morning in the Bay is turned upside down when the car explodes under inexplicable circumstances, putting people in jeopardy.

Jasmine tries to help her friends and neighbors after Dean Thompson puts out a fire sparked by the blast. Unfortunately, her health deteriorates after she falls and is transported to the hospital.

Here, Sam Frost – who plays Jasmine – previews the dramatic scenes.

Jasmine is being drawn into Tori and Christian’s relationship issues at the moment. How does she feel about that?

“It’s definitely not an easy position to be in. Jas is concerned that Christian is blurring the lines with his patient Rachel and she can see that it’s hurting her friend Tori.

“She’s fed up with Christian’s antics and all she wants is for the couple to work out their issues and live happily ever after.”

Jasmine has also recently discovered the horrible truth about Lewis. Would you have liked to explore that story further?

“I think Lewis and Jasmine made a fantastic couple. Jas saw obvious chemistry between the two, and their shared experience of losing relationships meant they had a deep understanding of one another.

“Having said that, I don’t think Jasmine could ever forgive Lewis for attempting to murder Christian and the other patients involved.”

“She understands that his trauma and grief runs deep, but there’s not ever a reason to take someone else’s life.

“In the end, I think fans just want to see Jas happy, as do I, and I really hope that’s on the cards for her.”

What were the explosion scenes like to film?

“It was a lot of fun filming the food truck explosion. We all act as if it’s just another day in the Bay at the start of the play, but at the end, there’s an absolute shock, sadness, and ruin.

“With all the moving parts for hair, special effects, make-up, and stunts, the cast and crew work so hard to make sure everything comes together flawlessly on the day.”

“They were long but very rewarding days and I’m so grateful to be a part of these dramatic and exciting storylines.”

What can you tell us about Jasmine trying to rescue everyone?

“Jas is in complete survival mode because she is so focused on making sure everyone else is okay.” She thinks she has a responsibility to do everything she can to look after everyone and triage the situation after finding herself in this predicament as the only nurse on the site.

“It is very chaotic after the explosion and there’s not much time to think about anything other than helping the people who have been injured and are in a critical condition.”

We see Jasmine collapse and face a tough time at the hospital, don’t we?

“Yes, Jas is pretty frail right now because she is experiencing periodic memory loss and has no idea what’s going on.

“Thankfully, Irene and Christian will be there to help Jas in the following days, and we are hopeful that she will make a full recovery.”

What was it like to film the emotional hospital scenes with Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene?

“Lynne is incredible, and I adore filming sequences with her.” Irene and Jas have been through so much together, and their bond is strong and genuine.

“We always love the time we spend filming together, whether it’s a serious moment or something more light-hearted.” Lynne is a gifted performer as well as a hilarious comedian.”

What do you want the future to hold for Jasmine?

“I think it’s time for Jas to have some light in her life… and maybe some romance too!”


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