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Home and Away star Sam Frost reveals she wants Sam Mac to join her singles lockdown bubble

On Friday, Sam Frost, star of Home and Away, took part in a hilarious prank on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa.

During Sydney’s Covid-19 lockdown, the newly single actress, 32, was ordered to prank contact star manager Mark Klemens to see if he had any talent on his books who could join her singles bubble.’

When she asked Klemens, who represents Nova anchor Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli, if Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac might be interested in shacking up with her, things took an amusing turn.

‘It’s just easier with someone with a profile because they just get it as opposed to some random that you met on Tinder or something!’ Sam began the call.

She added: ‘What about Sam Mac, is he on your books?’

Sam had a girlfriend, according to Klemens, and she was stylist Rebecca James.

He is, indeed. ‘Sam is on our books, but he has a partner,’ Mark said, surprised.

‘Well, how serious are they, though? Do you know what I mean?’ Sam then asked.

Sam continued the joke by saying she might ‘attempt to slide into Sam’s DMs’ to see how serious he is about Rebecca.

When a persistent Sam inquired about Wippa, who is happily married to wife Lisa, the prank call took another bizarre turn.

‘Do you have anyone else? Rocky relationships are fine because I think if you just give them a nudge in lockdown, people realize they don’t like each other and then they’re like, “Oh, Sam is fun, she’s hilarious,”‘ she said.

‘How about Wippa?’ says the n’What about Wippa? How’s his relationship going? I know he’s married but [Lisa] should be busy with the kids. And he lives just around the corner from my house!’

Klemens reiterated Wippa’s marital status but clumsily offered to ‘go for a stroll’ with her to keep her company during the lockdown.

‘I mean, I could move in!’ Wippa said, joining in on the prank call.

‘I was thinking, “This is nuts!”‘ Klemens said, laughing when he discovered his famous client had played a joke on him.

Sam is single after her on-again, off-again relationship with Dave Bashford ended lately.

Sydney singles can finally keep some company in lockup according to new laws that went into effect this week. They can nominate one individual to visit them during the next four weeks.

The lockdown is supposed to conclude at the end of August, but it is expected to be prolonged if the number of coronavirus cases does not decrease.


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