Home and Away to address absent characters in Tane’s wedding storyline

    Not everybody can make it for the big day.

    On UK television the following week, Home and Away will announce some conspicuous omissions from Tane Parata’s wedding.

    Tane and his fiance Felicity Newman have been preparing for their nuptials, which will take place in the UK in early March and include close family and friends.

    However, Tane learns that not everyone can attend the momentous occasion in the programs airing on Channel 5 the following week.

    Gemma Parata, who worked on the Summer Bay serial for six months in 2020, is unable to go to Australia for the nuptials.

    In the introduction, Gemma was identified as the mother of Nikau and the late brother of Tane, Mikaere. In July 2020, she departed from the Bay for New Zealand.

    Chloe Anderson, who is also unable to attend the wedding, expresses her regrets in the meanwhile.

    Ari, Tane’s other deceased brother, had a stepdaughter named Chloe. In July 2022, she departed the program.

    Tane is disappointed by the absences because he had hoped for a full family reunion.

    Tane acknowledges that he feels cut off from his family as a result of the bad news, and Felicity notices that something is bothering him.

    Later, Felicity and Nikau make every effort to help Tane feel better about the circumstance.

    Soon it becomes official that Tane and Felicity will travel to New Zealand following the wedding to visit with their separated relatives.

    Felicity advises that they take a thorough tour of New Zealand using funds generously provided by her foster father Gary.

    When Felicity sees how much this means to Tane, she starts thinking about other ways that she can honour him and his family.

    Felicity tells Nikau that she’d like to make a wedding speech in Te Reo Māori, but will need his help with the translation.

    Nikau is only too happy to assist, feeling touched by Felicity’s efforts to respect their culture.


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