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Home And Away’s Anna Samson opens up about online bullying in emotional letter to fans

Anna May Samson, who currently plays Mia on Home and Away, has confirmed that she has been the victim of online bullying and is speaking out in the hopes of putting an end to it.

The actress took to Instagram to issue a post, urging online bullies to “find something better to do with their time” and put an end to cyberbullying.

“What an exciting time for Sam Barrett and myself as we join the cast of Home and Away, this iconic piece of Australian television,” she said at the outset.

She went on to say, “How disappointing that this can be ruined by the culture of online bullying.”

“People also believe they have the right to shame, comment on, and harass women about their looks,” she said, suggesting that she has been abused for her physical appearance by online trolls.

“This isn’t a novel concept. It’s part of a cowardly society. Commenting cruelly on our weight gain or loss, our faces, our decisions, and our voices “she scribbled

She continued, ” “I’d encourage these social media trolls to do something more constructive with their time. You are a part of a society that is both troublesome and harmful.”

It comes as Anna and Sam Barrett, who portrays Anna’s on-screen daughter Chloe, have recently joined the cast of the Australian soap.

Anna’s co-stars on Home and Away demonstrated their love for her, with many giving words of encouragement of their own.

“I joined the show at the same time as these talented ladies, but I’m exempt from all of this nonsense because I’m a dude,” Luke Arnold wrote on his Instagram Story, referring to Anna’s original message.

Rob Kipa-Williams also posted the following: “Don’t be a jerk. These are my acquaintances. Before you start writing, take a moment to think.”

“Absolutely yes,” Emily Weir added to the chorus of appreciation for Anna’s letter.

Women’s bodies are “not your business” and “not your battlefield,” Anna said at the end of her speech.

In the 2021 season of the show, the 30-year-old actress plays Ari’s ex-girlfriend, who arrives in Summer Bay with her daughter, Chloe, and the two are already upsetting things.


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