Home and Away’s Cash Newman announces death in Andrew storyline

    Justin deals with some surprising revelations.

    Next week on UK television, Cash Newman of Home and Away will report on a death as the mystery surrounding newcomer Andrew Lawrence deepens.

    After Justin Morgan just discovered Andrew unconscious in an empty home, Cash and his police colleagues look into Andrew’s past.

    After deciding to allow Andrew into their house, Justin and his partner Leah Patterson graciously take care of him since they are aware that he appears to have no one else.

    Support is also given by Theo Poulos, Leah’s nephew, and they are all inspired when Andrew enjoys paddling in the sea during a vacation to the beach. Given that Andrew had previously come across as apprehensive and distant, this seems to be a healthy development.

    Later, Justin asks Cash whether there’s any progress in the police investigation.

    Cash confirms that a neighbour has come forward, who never laid eyes on Andrew while he was living in his old house. However, she did spot an older man staying there.

    The neighbour’s description helps Cash to identify the stranger, who is called Archie Lawrence. Shockingly, it turns out that Archie died three weeks earlier.

    Knowing that he will have to inform Andrew that his lone link to the outside world has died, Justin is upset by the finding.

    Andrew is asked who Archie is after Justin and Cash display a picture of him to him. Archie is Andrew’s father, according to Andrew.

    As Justin breaks the news that Archie has passed away, the youngster is inconsolable.

    Further digging from the police reveals that Andrew was reported missing when he was four years old. His father abducted him at the time, and nobody had heard from him since.

    With the tragic situation growing more complicated by the day, are Justin and Leah out of their depth as they try to deal with it?

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