Home and Away’s Georgie Parker announced earlier this year leave Summer Bay

    Georgie Parker announced earlier this year that she was taking a short break from Home and Away.

    Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle back in March, Georgie stated that she would be appearing in the David Williamson play Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica at the Ensemble Theatre in Kirribilli.

    Georgie’s break from filming was said to last around seven weeks, with the play itself running from 11th-29th April. So whilst Georgie is likely to be back on set now, the gap between filming and transmission means that we won’t see Roo take her leave of Summer Bay until approximately July/August.

    I’m lucky that with Home and Away or any other TV productions I’ve been involved with, I’ve been very fortunate that I kind of put it out there — if it’s going to be long term, that I need time out for plays,” she explained.

    Channel Seven has always been very generous with letting me do that and ask for [time off]. I just get it written into my contract.

    Georgie said, “I’m lucky in that way because it doesn’t break any storylines in half if I take time off to go, because the show tends to focus on younger cast members, so it doesn’t present too much of a challenge for the writers.”

    Of course, the cause of Roo’s break is still a mystery with plenty of time left. In recent episodes, Roo has become involved in Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) fight against the questionable Stunning Organics skincare line. This battle threatens to turn hazardous next week as Marilyn begins to worry about her safety.

    Additionally, after promising to assist Leah in determining Andrew’s literacy levels, private tutor Roo might start a relationship with the troublesome teen Andrew (Joshua Hewson), who has been shown to have been taken away by his doomsday prep cult member father as a young child.

    Could one of these tales serve as the basis for Roo’s eventual dramatic departure, or will she merely travel to Merimbula to see her mother Martha (Belinda Giblin)?

    Goodbye to Andrew?

    While there have been some concerns raised about the likelihood that Justin (James Stewart) will take Andrew into his care (given his recent conviction), the first few weeks of Andrew’s story have proven to be very popular so far with members of our forum. We reported on Andrew’s casting just before his Australian debut last month.

    Andrew, I’m liking the story so far, he is playing his part well, love it,” member Lord Asquith stated, whilst JackWilkins had high praise for the emerging talent of Joshua Hewson: “You, Sir, are an immense credit to your profession. I mean really. Extraordinary.

    Even though we already know that Andrew will still be around for a while, it appears like Joshua has already shot his last scenes. A screenplay that was revealed in Ada Nicodemou’s Instagram account indicates that the character will still feature in episodes scheduled to air around July.

    Utilising some pics from our article, and notably talking in the past tense, Joshua posted a story on Instagram last week thanking those who led him to be offered the opportunity.

    It was wonderful working with everyone in this show and seeing how it operates, it’s given me a lot of acting experience,” Joshua said. “I would like to say thanks to everyone that has help me reach this mark in my career. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Andrew will make his debut on UK screens in mid-June.

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