Home and Away’s Marilyn makes risky decision after news from Jett

    This week on UK television, Marilyn Chambers from Home and Away will make a potentially hazardous choice after receiving some encouraging news from her previous foster son Jett.

    In scenes appearing this week in the UK, Marilyn and John Palmer will both be beaming with pride as they learn that Jett has gotten engaged.

    John offers to cover the cost of the wedding because his parents only want the best for their son. Marilyn feels pressured to contribute since she is determined not to let John surpass her as a parent.

    Marilyn, on the other hand, is unsure of how she will pay for the wedding and begins looking for a quick-money scam. Soon enough, she believes she has the solution: she will offer skincare goods.

    Marilyn will shortly begin a new position with the beauty business Stunning Organics as a “brand ambassador,” and she is giddy with excitement about it.

    Marilyn refuses to give in to Roo Stewart’s healthy skepticism about the business and is instead upbeat and confident in her ability to quickly earn some cash to pay for Jett’s wedding.

    When she realizes that she knows nothing about contemporary web marketing, she encounters a roadblock, and her attempts to create a marketing video end in very uncomfortable failure.

    Thankfully, performance pro Kirby Aramoana is on hand to show Marilyn how it’s done and she agrees to help her out with her social media content.

    Marilyn can’t believe her luck – Kirby has managed to kickstart her roaring skincare success.

    However, could she find herself regretting jumping in head first with this new business?

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