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Home & Away reveals first look at Tori and Christian’s wedding

The first glimpse at Tori Morgan and Christian Green’s wedding has been provided by Home and Away.

The couple is seen getting ready for the big day in the Australian Channel 7 commercial. At an intimate outdoor wedding on a sunny day, Tori (Penny McNamee) is seen being led down the aisle by her brother Justin (James Stewart).

“I didn’t find true love. It found me,” Tori is heard saying at one point.

The clip, set to Delta Goodrem’s “All of My Friends,” doesn’t hint at any drama or plot twists that could derail the wedding. Tori and Christian (Ditch Davey) maintain a cheerful demeanor throughout, despite a few nerves.

The wedding was first teased about a year ago, albeit the couple’s relationship had a few bumps along the road before they got to this stage.

They were supposed to marry much sooner, but Christian had to postpone the wedding due to an obsession with a patient called Rachel Young, who has since died.

After the wedding, the couple intends to depart Summer Bay and begin a new life in London. Tori was originally hesitant about Christian’s suggestion, but she eventually changed her mind and agreed to the life-altering decision.

The wedding will air in Australia on September 27 and in the United Kingdom a few weeks later.


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