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Home & Away’s location SHAKE-UP

Oh, Summer Bay, you’re so beautiful. Your white sand beaches and clear blue oceans are irresistible. Is what we’re seeing on film, however, a genuine and substantial location, or is it just green-screen television magic?

Home and Away is one of Australia’s most popular soaps.

While we’re sure its enduring appeal is due to the dramatic narratives and incredibly skilled actors and actresses, we can’t deny that the stunning beach cinematography contributes to its standing as an Australian classic.

So, where precisely are the breathtaking vistas to be found?

Is there such a place as Summer Bay?

Summer Bay isn’t a genuine location. The show, on the other hand, is filmed in a real place.

Summer Bay is a made-up locale for soap’s purposes. Palm Beach in Sydney is the beach where all of the dramatic shore-side dramas we all know and love were filmed.

What is the location of Palm Beach?

Palm Beach is located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Since 1988, it has been the filming location for Home and Away.

The Summer Bay Diner and Alf’s Bait Shop, which are actually The Boathouse, as well as the fan-favorite Surf Club, are all located on the lovely beach.

Locals refer to the area as ‘Palmy,’ and it’s not uncommon to see celebrities vacationing there from time to time.

The good news is that you can go to the public beach and take a picture with all of your favorite Home and Away scenes.

We recommend picking a windy day so you may stand wistfully gazing out to sea with your hair flowing behind you, all Summer-Bay-style.

Where is Palm Beach?

No, Palm Beach is merely one of the filming sites where the performers ratchet up the drama; however, the other place isn’t quite as opulent.

A studio in Redfern is the second filming location for Home and Away.

Interior shots were shot at Channel Seven’s Epping studios until 2010, when they closed, forcing the Soap to relocate to the Australian Technology Park in Redfern.

Unfortunately, there is “currently no public access to, or tours of, the Redfern studios,” according to the tourstogo website.

COVID disrupted filming for Home & Away last year, forcing the cast and crew to make alternate arrangements during the height of the pandemic.

Lucy Addario, the series’ producer, said to the BBC in June 2020 that their team had to take a hiatus from Palm Beach owing to societal estrangement.

“To be honest, we haven’t been back to Palm Beach yet,” Lucy told the paper. “There are still certain restrictions on the number of people in public places.”

Storylines had to be deleted and replaced at the last minute due to location changes, but this may have been for the best.

“We were in the thick of amazing stories when we came to a halt. We just wanted to be honest with them and tell them the truth, but we needed to think about how we could tell them in a different way “Lucy clarified.

“It has something to do with two of our newlywed couples. We had to adjust our location, and I was blown away by the way the writers modified it. It was so much better. It elicited a stronger emotional response in me.”


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