You’ll absolutely remember the character Selina Cook if you watched Home and Away in the ’90s.

The attitude-based girl, played by Tempany Deckert, was introduced to Summer Bay in 1994 after her teacher Luke Cunningham developed a crush. The character quickly became a favorite of fans, earning Deckert a nomination for a Logie two years later.

Watch Tempany Deckert playing Selina Cook. Post continues below.

It was a role that she’s still thankful for today.

It was fantastic just having to work on a show every day with so many awesome actors and a great crew,”Just to get to act every day on a show with so many amazing actors and a great crew was incredible,”

“It really set me up for the life of an artist. Whether I am writing or acting, I have that all set in place and it is a lovely feeling to have.”

Deckert managed to star in a handful of other acting gigs since leaving the show in 1998, including one episode of All Saints and television series, First Daughter and The Secret Life of Us.

In 2002, alongside Anthony Hayes and Jessica Napier, she starred in her first feature film, New Skin.

Deckert has been living in Los Angeles, California, for several years now.

She turned gears and started writing books to continue with her acting career. She has written 18 novels now and runs a tutorial, Write a Book, Change your Life, for beginners and experienced authors.

“For me, I always wanted to give a really good turn at my writing, and I wanted to have children,” Deckert said.

“I knew that if I had children and I was working on sets, it was going to be very difficult. You are working many hours a day and you don’t get to see them that much,” she said.

“If I had gotten a bunch of jobs in Hollywood, I probably would have stayed the course because I love acting – but I probably wouldn’t have gotten married and had kids.”

Deckert has two kids with her husband.

Deckert and her Home and Away co-star Isla Fisher, who also lives in Los Angeles, remain close friends as well.

“It’s been great having those conversations and reminiscing on our days growing up,” said Deckert. “We really have a bond and it’s really like a family.”

But even though she currently lives in Los Angeles, Deckert is planning to move to Australia with her family soon.

Deckert said, “I’m trying to convince my Australian agent to get me a great job in Australia where we can move back for six months to a year,”

“That’s the dream – to convince the husband to move to Australia.”

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