Earlier this month, he debuted his ‘secret’ romance with Pandora Bonsor.

And on Monday, when he shared a photo of the ‘good old days’ with his former co-stars Home and Away, actor Lincoln Lewis recalled the past.

‘In my memory feed, Home and Away flashback pic came up, so I figured I would throw it up. The good old days,’ the 33-year-old captioned the Instagram throwback snap,

The picture showed a young Lincoln laughing at a bar with an arm around the shoulders of Luke Jacobz.

Todd Lasance and David Jones-Roberts joined them, portraying Aden Jefferies and Xavier Austin on the Channel Seven soap, respectively.

‘Haha, it’s gold! Many thanks for sharing! ‘Luke, who starred in Home and Away as Angelo Rosetta, posted on the article below.

‘Frosted tips, guy! What a crew that we had. Until social networking. We legitimately look like siblings,’ Todd said.

David added:’ This is a legendary picture! Love it! Love it! ‘

He joked it was ‘something in the Summer Bay water’ as fans found out that Lincoln had barely aged since the picture was taken.

‘It was a solid age, and it will not lie! It was really just talking about how much fun we had the other day with @toddjlasance,’ he said.

The throwback post for Lincoln comes after his new girlfriend, Pandora Bonsor, debuted.

Just days after his father, Queensland Maroons legend Wally ‘The King’ Lewis, revealed he had split from his wife, Jacqui, after 36 years of marriage, he confirmed the relationship.

Wally is now officially dating a woman named Lynda Adams from Townsville.

For the past few months, Lincoln has been with Pandora since she split in the middle of last year from her ex-partner, a café owner.


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