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Marni Little, 37, ex-wife of Dan Ewing, opens up on her cancer diagnosis

In December, comedy writer Marni Little, former wife of Home and Away star Dan Ewing, revealed she was fighting breast cancer at the age of 37.

The diagnosis came just five months after she suffered a miscarriage, and two days before Christmas, the courageous mother of two had a double mastectomy.

Marni revealed in an interview with Daily Mail Australia that she was “thankful” for the highs and lows she endured in 2020 and said that she felt “incredibly lucky” to have her husband, David Robertshaw, and her children, Archie, six, and Charlie, one, by her side.

‘It was a lovely year—so there’s much to be grateful for,’ said Marni.

‘Why do these things happen?’ is easy to answer, but if I hadn’t suffered a miscarriage, I would have been seven months pregnant when I was diagnosed with [cancer],’ she said.

‘That would have been another whole conversation we were supposed to have had, and we don’t know what it would have looked like.’
She never forgot how lucky she was to have two healthy sons, though she said the pregnancy loss was a ‘incredibly sad time’ for her and David.

‘It’s awful to lose a child, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But we’ve got two lovely boys, and I feel extremely blessed. We caught it early on,’ she said.

When it comes to her illness, Marni, who writes the uplifting and funny blog More Than a Little, tries to maintain a positive attitude.

In December, doctors at Gold Coast Robina Hospital advised her that although her cancer cells had been removed due to a double mastectomy, for the best possible chance of survival, she would have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

Initially, Marni had discovered a lump under her breast and was examined by a doctor just days later.

She now wants to encourage all — including younger women like herself — to check their breasts regularly, regardless of whether their family has cancer.

Marni also revealed to her eldest son, Archie, who she shares with her ex-husband, Dan Ewing, how she explained her diagnosis.

‘We had a chat in which I explained that I was going to go to the hospital and that my boobs were going to be taken away,’ she said.

‘I said we no longer need them, they fulfilled their purpose with my two babies.

‘It’s black and white enough. For him, it was cause and effect — this is the thing that is happening, and then you’re going to be happier. He managed the process itself very well.

‘I think it’s important to be as frank as possible, without giving the young brain too much details.’

She added that since the diagnosis, her family has been extremely supportive, and that her Christian faith was also a ‘massive comfort’.

‘There’s so much to be grateful for: that’s the thing we get back to most of the time,’ she said.

Recently, Marni, who wants to raise awareness of the disease, posted an image of herself being fitted for wigs on Instagram before beginning chemotherapy treatment.

She wrote:’ Trust me, two weeks before it literally falls out of my head, to cut a dope hairstyle!

‘Thank you @leighmmason for introducing me to the world of straight-haired wigs and adjacent wig items, you stunning fairy unicorn! ‘

In 2012, Marni married Dan, who plays Heath Braxton in Home and Abroad, and in 2014, they welcomed Archie Grason, a son. In 2016, they split.

At an intimate ceremony in Strath Creek, Victoria, she married David in October 2018. It was in May 2019 that their son, Charlie, was born.


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