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Neighbours sweethearts Chris Milligan and Jenna Rosenow are officially engaged!

With the pair revealing they are engaged, the real-life Ramsay Street romance between Neighbours actors Chris Milligan and Jenna Rosenow has taken a thrilling new phase!

With a rather subtle, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, snap on his social media site, Chris disclosed the story.

The pair posed at sunset on a Malibu beach sharing a romantic picnic, sharing the breathtaking portrait with now fiancee Jenna.
“How good is a sunset,” Chris merely captioned the photo.

You will see Jenna sporting a sparkling new sparkler on her all-important finger if you take a close glance.

The post was flooded with congratulatory notes from former and current Neighbours Stars.

Ariel Kaplan posted, “Omg!!! Congrats you two! This is the best news ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

April Rose Pengilly also posted “CONGRATULATIONS!!! ???” before Takaya Honda added: “Haha yassss #subtle congrats.”

Chris and Jenna first met on the set of Erinsborough, where Kyle Canning and Amber Turner played their respective characters.
Speaking to co-star Takaya on his TakTalks podcast, Chris revealed the sweet moment he met Jenna and, at first sight, let’s just say it was love.

“My best mate Jordan Smith who used to work on the show, he played Andrew Robinson, he walked into the green room one day and said ‘The new girl is here, you’re in trouble,'” Chris said.

“I had no idea what he meant and then Jenna walked in and I was like…I think I’m in trouble here.”

The pair both departed the soap in 2016, opting to move to Hollywood.

“I mean me and Jenna moved to LA, we were in LA for two years. Then we moved to Canada for six months. Then I came back to

Brisbane, back to labouring work for three months, and then I came back on the show.”

In 2019, Kyle returned to Neighbors, but disclosed that he expects to return to LA in the immediate future.

Meanwhile, on a Netflix original movie, Firefly Lane, starring Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke and Ben Lawson, Jenna has landed a massive new role.


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