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Pia Whitesell, 37, finally reveals the truth about surgery rumors

Pia Whitesell, an actress, has denied having her lips ‘done to improve her pout.

During an Instagram Q&A on Sunday, the 37-year-old welcomed inquiries and didn’t hesitate to react when asked about surgery rumors.

‘You have amazing lips! I know this is a personal question, but have you had them done?’ one curious fan asked.

‘No,’ Pia responded firmly.

The stunning former star of Home and Away also released an unfiltered photo of herself showing off her natural beauty.

‘Can we see a photo of you with no filter please,’ a fan wrote.

‘Hahaha, sure!’ Pia wrote, sharing a candid photo of herself following a swim.

After marrying multimillionaire Patrick, one of Hollywood’s most powerful agents, Pia recently relocated to Los Angeles.

Pia has frequently discussed the difficulties of being in the public eye, as well as the rumors she is compelled to dismiss.

‘I believe I’ve heard every rumor there is about me…’ In July, she posted on Instagram, “I think I’m kind of accustomed to it.”

‘I’ve been going through it since I was in high school when I first started modeling, so I’ve taken a lot of s**t, but it doesn’t bother me,’ she says.

Pia decided to ‘elaborate’ in subsequent videos shared to Instagram Stories after being dissatisfied with her initial response.

‘I believe it’s vital to acknowledge that, yeah, people say stupid things.’ There are haters out there, and I believe that, especially in this day of social media, we’ve opened the floodgates for all of this expression and sharing, but you have to take the good with the bad,’ she added.

‘Like, we’ve also given voice to the keyboard warriors out there, the haters, the trolls, and I believe the only way to combat it, and the only way to survive it, if you will, is to just f**k it.’

Pia received a care package from Sydney earlier this month after settling into her new home in Los Angeles.

‘Delivery of dreams,’ she captioned a photo of Australian grocery-store staples.

Tim Tam biscuits, Sirena canned tuna, and Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal had been served to Pia.


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