Sam Frost flaunts her incredible bikini body on a girls’ weekend in Sydney

    Sam Frost flaunts her incredible bikini body on a girls’ weekend in Sydney amid rumours she is returning to Home and Away ‘after getting the Covid-19 vaccine’

    Rumour has it she’s going to be returning to Home and Away soon.

    And when Sam Frost checked into a luxury suite at The Star Sydney on Saturday, she appeared to be in a joyful mood.

    The actress, 32, had a girls’ weekend with Natalie Kelly, an influencer.

    ‘Hello’: Sam Frost showcased her flawless bikini body while on a girls’ weekend at The Star Sydney, as rumours swirl she could soon be returning to Home and Away

    She documented their mini break on Instagram, sharing photos of the pair popping open champagne, posing by the spa and watching movies in bed.

    Sam also shared a photo of herself in the shower wearing a revealing red bikini, and she squeezed in a’sesh’ at The Star’s gym.

    Her weekend away comes amid rumors that she will be reprising her role as Jasmine Delaney on Home and Away in the near future.

    Celebrating: She documented their break on Instagram, sharing photos of the pair popping open champagne, posing by the spa, watching movies in bed and hitting the hotel’s gym

    Fun night in: Sam and Natalie stayed up late for a movie marathon in their five-star hotel suite

    After leaving the Channel Seven soap in December, the former Bachelorette relocated to Melbourne to be closer to her family.

    She was spotted on Bondi Beach on Wednesday, sparking speculation that she would be returning to Summer Bay.

    She had suggested the day before that she missed her previous work by posting a vintage blooper from the program on Instagram, in which she tripped over during a beach scene.

    ‘Looking through my camera roll for H&A clips and found this gem… what an idiot,’ she wrote in the caption, before saying she was ‘legit the world’s clumsiest person!’

    ‘Geez I miss laughing with the crew, so much fun #homeandaway @homeandaway #bloopers @penny.mcnamee,’ she added.

    Sam, who joined the cast of Home and Away in 2017, quit the soap in December, two months after revealing she hadn’t had the Covid vaccine.

    Last month, Sam’s co-star Lynne McGranger informed Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa that she was now fully vaccinated, indicating that she may return to the show.

    Seven Productions has a policy requiring all actors and crew to be Covid-vaccinated; nevertheless, sources claim Sam’s departure last year had nothing to do with the mandate.

    Missing you: She posted a throwback blooper from the show on Instagram and admitted in the caption she missed working on the series

    Of course, getting vaccinated was a challenge, but I’m here to inform you that she is now twice vaccinated, and perhaps boosted as well,’ Lynne added.

    ‘She needed to be with her family, and they’re down in Melbourne,’ she continued, ‘but the door is definitely open for her to return, and I’m sure she’s in negotiations with producers right now.’

    In December, Sam shot her final sequences for Home and Away at Eveleigh Studios in Sydney. She then relocated to Melbourne in order to be closer to her family and friends.

    Exit: Sam, who joined the cast of Home and Away as nurse Jasmine Delaney in 2017, quit the soap in December, two months after revealing she hadn’t had the Covid vaccine

    In October, Sam provoked outrage by revealing she had not received the Covid vaccine and comparing limitations on the unvaccinated to’segregation.’

    ‘I was extremely apprehensive about shooting a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a stage now in the world where there’s a lot of division,’ she said in an emotional Instagram video.

    ‘There’s a lot of harsh judgment and comments being tossed around a lot, and it’s definitely affecting my mental health, and I know people around me are hurting, especially if they don’t want to get vaccinated for whatever reason.’

    ‘There are many different reasons why people do not get vaccinated, and it might be because to their medical history, their worries, their family history, or religious beliefs.’

    The door is open: Her co-star Lynne McGranger (right) told Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa last month Sam was now fully vaccinated, meaning she could potentially return to the show 

    Sam then claimed she hadn’t been vaccinated, but that she had discussed her option with both her medical doctor and a psychologist.

    ‘It’s a really hard moment to be in society right now, and you feel like you’re less of a human, and you feel like others criticize you,’ she continued bitterly.

    ‘And you’re too afraid to express your thoughts or sentiments, and a part of you wants to leave,’ “It’s none of your business why I’m not here! And there are valid reasons for this, and I don’t want you to pass judgment on me “”‘ ‘

    Sam disabled her primary Instagram account and blocked all comments on the account for her mental health organization Believe after receiving backlash for her video.

    In December, Channel Seven announced Sam’s departure from Home and Away.

    While the actors and staff of Home and Away are required to get vaccinations, a network insider said her departure had nothing to do with the policy.

    The outside sequences of Home and Away were shot in Palm Beach, in the Northern Beaches district, and the interior scenes were shot in Eveleigh, in the inner suburbs.


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