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Sam Frost hilariously propose Sam Mac become her boyfriend

Sam Frost from Home And Away is not only talented and attractive, but she’s also hilarious and doesn’t take herself too seriously, as her isolated journal reveals.

So it was no surprise to see the Summer Bay star join Fitzy and Wippa on their radio show this morning and happily participate in a prank conceived by the radio hosts.

Fitzy and Wippa urged Sam to fake contact Wippa’s manager, Mark, to see if he had any celeb clients she could isolate with after the government announced a singles bubble for people locked up alone in Sydney this week.

“I’m obviously a single person and I was just wondering if you have anyone on your books that is single that might be interested in first of all going for a walk, might be weird if I say let’s just move in!” Sam began.

“Since I feel like it’s just easier with someone who has a profile because they already know what you’re looking for, as opposed to some Rando you met on Tinder or something!”

To which Mark responded: “Well that is a very interesting request, I must say I’ve never had one of these before. Look, I’ll have to have a think about who..”

It seems Sam jokingly already had another star in mind: Sunrise weatherman, Sam Mac.

“What about Sam Mac, is he on your books?” she asked.

Mark had to respectfully inform the actress that the weatherman had already been booked.

The 31-year-old then went on to insinuate that Wippa, a radio broadcaster, was part of the ruse, which quickly revealed Mark’s deception.

From her brief engagement with Bachelor Blake Garvey in 2014 to finding love with Sasha Mielczarek while on The Bachelorette in 2015 to her most recent relationship with Dave Bashford, which ended in 2020, Australia has been hoping for the actress to find The One for a long time.

In a recent interview with TV WEEK, Sam discussed how difficult it is to handle her love life in the spotlight.

“I understand why people are interested in my dating life because I was on the Bachelor and Bachelorette… but I don’t really have much to say at the moment anyway,” she said.

“I believe I’ve tried to keep that [her love life] a little more private until I figure things out about myself,” she chuckled. “And I’ve talked about things prematurely at times, and people will be like, what is going on.”


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