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Sam Frost’s brothers take savage swipes at the Home and Away star

Sam Frost’s brother Alex has taken a savage swipe at his sister on Instagram in response to her acting on Home and Away.

Sam took the liberty of posting a video from last night’s episodes, where her character Jasmine is dealing with the aftermath of an explosion.

“Such a good actress,” Alex wrote to his sister in a direct message.

“Probs because you’ve cried so many times in real life lmaoooo,” he added.

Sam posted a screenshot of the banter to her Instagram story.

Sam captioned a screenshot of the interaction, “anytime my bros offer me a compliment, they toss in an insult… just to keep everything balanced”

On the following slide, the former Bachelorette highlighted another instance of the humorous conversation between herself and her brothers, this time with her other brother Steve.

“…reminds me of the time I had really pretty makeup on & made an effort to look nice for a fam dinner,” she wrote.

Sam also called out her brother Steve for his banter.

“My big bro @steve.frost18 walked in, looked at me for a sec…

“Bro: why do you look like that? Did you have a photoshoot or something?

“Me: awwww thanks bro!! Nah I just wanted to feel pretty

“Bro: shut up idiot. I never said you looked good,” she finished the exchange.

“Brothers. Always keeping me grounded ?” she wrote with a little laughing face emoji.

Sam often speaks about her love for her siblings and their antics.

In 2016, Sam revealed details about her brothers’ family pranks on her radio show Rove & Sam with Rove McManus.

While their mother was away, the actress stated that her brothers would handcuff her and her sister, Kristine, to different parts of their house.

“They used to have these handcuffs, and they used to tie me to the laundry – the pipes in the washing machine – and I would just sit there the whole time,” she explained.

“My sister would be tied to the bunk bed, allowing the lads to romp about and be jerks.”

Sam is very close to her sister, Kristine.

Sam is one of six siblings, with four brothers and one sister.

Sam, a family-oriented girl, got on one of the first flights from Sydney to Melbourne when COVID-19 restrictions were lifted last year to visit her family and her home.

She has spoken about her siblings’ support throughout her life on her mental health website, Believe, which she co-creates with Kristine.

“We, together with our four brothers, have faced our fair share of difficulties throughout our lives. Throughout these trying times, my siblings and I have always equipped ourselves to support, encourage, and guide one other through adversity in order to grow stronger than we ever were before,” she wrote.

We love to see the Frost siblings ribbing each other online, and hope they can reunite again soon!


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