Earlier this month, Sarah Roberts bid farewell to her beloved character Willow Harris on Home and Away.

The 36-year-old actress admitted to Stellar Magazine on Friday that she was hesitant to quit her role in the long-running drama after four years.

‘My last day filming was very emotional. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone,’ she said.

‘I was open to staying on the show. Home And Away really did become my family and I was reluctant to say goodbye,’ she added.

‘However, I had a feeling my character’s time was up, and I was relieved that she had a happy ending.’ She wasn’t written off, so there’s always the chance she’ll come back.’

Sarah’s words imply that talks took place but that she did not return to Summer Bay.

Sarah’s character Willow drives off into the sunset in her final episode to live with her lover, Dr. Alex Neilson, played by Zoe Ventoura.

The lesbian relationship storyline proved to be popular with fans of the show.

Sarah’s final episode aired on April 14, and her co-star Zoe, 40, posted a throwback photo of the two on set looking cozy.

‘And they lived happily ever after @__sarahroberts__ @homeandaway,’ she captioned the post.

To which Sarah replied: ‘Nawwww yes they did! We got our happy ending!’

Sarah recently told Now To Love that the most difficult part of leaving the show is being separated from her parents.

‘I feel like there are lifelong friendships and I mean, I got a husband out of this job and a beautiful step-daughter,’ she said.  

‘It’s as if we’ve just become family.’ And you start to worry that you’ll never see anyone again – but my husband (James Stewart) is always on the show, and I’m currently (hanging out) with Tim Franklin, and we just had coffee on the beach.’

On Wednesday night, some of Sarah’s Summer Bay relatives gathered for a farewell viewing party.

Sam Frost, Ditch Davey, and her husband James were among them.

Sarah has had a tough two years, having lost her grandmother and brother, as well as two miscarriages with her husband by her side.

Sarah told The Daily Telegraph in November that both James and her character Willow have become rare bright spots in a difficult period.

‘I’ve been through so much while working on the show and jumping into Willow’s drama was an escape from my real life at times … It’s funny that all that drama is a nice solace,’ she said.


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