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The former EastEnders hunk who you probably didn’t know starred in Call the Midwife

Fans of EastEnders will recognize Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor, the Walford love-rat.

Following the devastating boat crash that killed Dennis Rickman in February 2020, Keanu Taylor, Karen Taylor’s son, ducked out of Albert Square. JR

He was also in serious trouble with Phil and Ben Mitchell after conceiving Lousie and Sharon.

Unfortunately, Keanu left the square after Sharon refused his offer to be a family with their new son, Albie.

Danny, 27, joined the Taylor family in the summer of 2017 after appearing in the sitcom Benidorm as Tiger Dyke.

In 2016, he appeared in an episodes of Call the Midwife, playing Leslie Matlin in the fifth season.

Leslie was forced to marry his wife, Gina, after just three months of dating because of her unplanned pregnancy.

Leslie, who is reluctant to start a family of his own, steps in to support Gina after she suffers from pre-eclampsia following the birth of their son Robert.

During an awful storm that is causing damage across the poverty-stricken area of Poplar, he manages to get assistance from nurse Crane at Nonnatus House before they are taken away in an ambulance.

Leslie, Gina, and their new baby were all happy for the rest of their lives.

Danny looked nothing like Keanu Taylor in his Call the Midwife role, sporting longer hair and 1950s attire.


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