If you’re anything like us, you might have grown up watching a variety of fresh Aussie faces brave a tumultuous storyline on the popular Home and Away Aussie soap.
We’re not saying this lightly—the lives and loves of the inhabitants of Summer Bay are drenched in drama, so much so that some of the poor souls have encountered enough twists and turns by the age of 18 to last them a lifetime—and in the process added a fair few wrinkles to their sun-kissed faces.

But crazy storylines aside, there’s another glaring thing that we’ve grown to love and loath Summer Bay at the same time – its sense of fashion.

Indeed, you’d think that clothing choices would be a simple feat in a world where life revolves around surfing, beaches, and dining.
It will do the trick simply to whack on some thongs and a comfortable pair of bathers for the beach.
As for our favorite troublesome young people (and mostly parent-free)? Look no further than the classic uniform of Summer Bay High.
The classic jeans-and-a-nice-top combo is great-guns at Salt (formerly Angelo’s) for a cheeky Bev, and at the diner… Yeah, whatever goes.

But while the Summer Bay fellows are normally pretty good at sticking to the ordinary when it comes to beach-town attire, there’s no getting past some seriously dubious ensembles we’ve seen in recent years grace our screens.

We’ve rounded up the most popular fashion moments on Home and Away of all time, along with a few rogue frosted tips (yep, never forget Noah), like walking through a time vortex of early 2000s fashion, and boy are they a sight to behold.
Grab the popcorn and settle in. Over the years, Alf and co sure copped an eyeful.

Let’s start with our favorite OG screen queen Mattie, whose iconic cross-cardi of the 00s paired with hipster pants and gypsy skirts gave us all the fashun inspo we never knew we wanted (no, we didn’t really).

And will Lucas’ T-shirt-over-stripy-shirt get-up take a short moment to appreciate it? What a time to just be alive.

A few years fast forward and you can confidently say that Jasmine (played by Sam Frost) is now the biggest fashion muse in the show – that is, as far as Home and Away goes. This modest fedora, tee-style babydoll and demin cut-offs are chic farmers at their best.

Just call Jasmine the queen of hats and the fashion of the world. We’re huge fans of a casual get-up like this.

Hayley, AKA Bec Hewitt, in her own right, was a certified Home and Away model, but we have to take a moment to win the multiple fashions wins… And her character endures defeats.

For her earnings, Tammin Sursok gave Bec a run. The ultra low-rise pants of her character Dani paired with Hayley’s retro dress epitomized fashion in the early 00s. We’re never going to revisit that, hey?

And get those vests with an eyeful! But just for a moment, because, without cringing, we can’t look at them for too long. Basically, Rachel and Kim were the Ryan and Marissa types of Summer Bay, OC.

Never will the humble spaghetti strap die – and Hayley Smith (aka Bec Hewitt) is living proof.

And let’s not forget the age of the hair quiff that Mattie went through with grace and accuracy. Seriously, who didn’t go to high school back in the day with this crazy fab hairstyle?

However, how did she really make it look so chic? Back then, GHDs were SO much harder to move around curls.

Summer Bay is renowned for its dramatic weddings, and her bridal look brought all the drama required in Belle’s case. With this black and white tulle business, we’re a little unsure.

Speaking of hairstyles, the gallant purple stripe of Sasha gave us the creeping suspicion that she was a waiting insurgent.

The vest again! Our eyes, our eyes, Jack!

Olivia, the fashion designer, was also one to break boundaries, not the kind of boundaries we would imagine on a runway in Paris.

It belonged to Geoff’s mop of striped hair in the 00s, and hopefully it will never rise again.

Another troubled Summer Bay teenager was Jai, but we can’t blame him for taking a few fashion risks – the skinny scarf adds some serious pizzazz.

Without the classic Summer Bay High uniform and a brief reminder that Belle’s choker was a true 00’s vibe, we couldn’t have a Home and Away gallery.

And Belle’s resident badass knew how to push the boundaries and give Irene a mild heart attack. Speaking of, see the famous first moment of Irene in the show in the show.

And who would be able to forget Cassie? We’re not sure why the scrunchie process had to happen, a master of beach wavy hair, but alas, it did.

The OG Pattersons have brought their wedding day atmosphere to a whole new level – the ratio of tulle to silk on that dress is out of control.

Noah and Hayley looked straight out of a *NSYNC video clip like something.


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