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10 big moments coming up: huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, Tane has a confrontation with Tex and the biker gang.

Elsewhere, Alf considers his future in Summer Bay, while Mac considers dating again.

Here’s a full collection of 10 big moments coming up.

Tane meets with the biker gang

After receiving a threatening note from the biker group, Tane is concerned. By planning to meet the group, who place a bag over his head and transport him away to a hidden location, he decides to confront the situation straight-on.

Tane is astonished to learn that Tex, a newbie to Summer Bay, is actually a gang member rather than the enthusiastic gym goer he has been portraying himself to be. Tane is cautioned by the gang’s boss Marty that Ari once stole $150,000 from them and that they now seek repayment with interest.

Tane receives a worrying ultimatum

After their meeting, the biker gang released Tane, but they sent a warning that they will be in touch again soon. When Tane confides in Nikau about the predicament, they both decide that selling the gym is their best chance to raise the money quickly.

To present the proposal, Tane meets with Tex. The gang’s much superior plan, according to Tex, is to launder money through Tane’s gym so that he can pay off the loan in that way.

 Nikau struggles without Bella

When Nikau sees some of the photographs Bella has been working on in New York, he is pleased with her. But he also misses her terribly and finds it difficult to speak to her on the phone because of how busy she is.

Everyone can see Nikau’s struggles as a result of the time difference.

Nikau warns Chloe

Nikau interrupts Chloe and Theo’s date night because he wants to watch over Chloe while the motorcycle gang is a danger. When Chloe confronts Nikau about his actions, he admits that she is in danger but declines to elaborate.

In response to Nikau’s hazy warning, Chloe talks to Felicity about her worries. Tane would have said anything if there was anything to worry about, according to Felicity, who dismisses her.

Ziggy hopes to play matchmaker

Given that Felicity now shares ownership of the restaurant with Mac, Ziggy finds it admirable how detached Mac is from Salt. Given Logan’s recent departure, she believes Mac now needs some romance back in her life.

Ziggy advises that Dean set Mac up with a new person, but he declines to act as her matchmaker with any of his surfing pals.

Mac makes a dating decision

When one of Dean’s surf students requests Mac’s phone number, he grudgingly provides it. Ziggy is overjoyed because she thinks that now Mac can finally go on.

Mac gets ready for her planned meeting with the student, but on the way there, she has a change of heart and decides she isn’t ready for another relationship just yet.

Xander crosses the line again

As part of his paramedic duties, Xander is administering CPR on a young cyclist when Rose arrives at the site of a car accident.

A distraught Xander strikes the drunk driver who caused the collision after the patient tragically passes away. Rose is once more concerned that Xander won’t be able to handle the emotional effects of losing patients.

Later, when Xander explains his coping strategy—getting a new tattoo to honour each patient who has passed away—Rose is horrified. His techniques are unsustainable, Rose warns, especially given that his body is already covered in tattoos, and she is terrified.

Alf’s bad mood leads to a big revelation

After travelling to Merimbula, Alf is in a bad mood. After struggling to figure things out, Roo phones Martha, who is still away.

Martha informs Roo that she has made the decision to live permanently in Merimbula. Roo starts questioning Alf about what this means for him right away, but he storms out and declines to respond.

Justin gives Alf some space to think

When Justin notices Alf is having trouble, he invites him over so they can talk and reflect in a less stressful setting.

Alf confides in Justin that he worries he might have to leave the Bay in order to spend his entire time with Martha. According to Justin, Martha would gain greatly from this, but Alf might not.

Alf later tells Roo that before making a decision, he will travel to Merimbula and consult with Martha.

Lyrik return and clash again

Lyrik, a member of Felicity’s band, leave Summer Bay after she contacts them about potential regular performances at Salt. Three of the band members support it, but the lead singer Bob objects because he feels they are too large for local shows in a beach town.

When Kirby is unable to convince Bob this time, he advises that they part ways with Remi and Eden and do it alone. Kirby leaves the Bay and the band after refusing to support Bob, leaving Lyrik without a lead singer.


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